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Pitfield London sells a selection of products that range from rare vintage finds and stunning decorations to unique homewares and design-led kitchen accoutrements, all of which have been expertly curated by award-winning interior designer Shaun Clarkson. One of their more popular pieces is the Vintage Crystal Decanter with cut decoration. For something so decorative and elegant it is surprising that these decanters start from as little as £36 – but of course thati s the beauty of vintage pieces.

Choosing vintage homewares allow you to be more traditional and conservative compared to the more trendy and more pricey retro items popular with the younger set and therefore one can pick up a timelessly stylish decanter for not much more than the delicious port or fine wine the decanter will play host to over the days or weeks of after-dinner drinks with friends or chillaxing evenings in with loved ones… or a SLOAN! favourite of simple yet sophisticated soirées also known as the somewhat fashionable trend of the 90s dinner party!
DecanterUpon receipt in the post, the decanter comes very safely and securely packaged which is so important these days with the vagaries of the London postal service… these days an over-zealous postal worker can be just as heavy handed as the more stereotypical baggage handler! But our beautiful cut crystal decanter has been expertly wrapped by the vintage specialists at Pitfield London and it was a real pleasure to unwrap and enjoy, the cut crystal catching the warm light of the afternoon sun here in the office.

One finds that the only difficult decision one is faced with is what to pour inside the Vintage Decanter for our next SLOAN! soirée… will it be the Taylors 1966 Vintage Port which would benefit from the traditional use of the decanter to aerate and avoid sediment… or perhaps something even more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing in the form of any one of the superb red wines we recommend in each edition of SLOAN! Magazine… there are no rules set in stone about which wines one can use a decanter for – although certain wine connoisseurs will have their preferences, here at the magazine for example we think the delightful Colomé ‘Estate’ Malbec 2011 (as chosen for us by UK Sommelier of the Year 2015 and WINE DIRECTOR of M Restaurants, Zack Charilaou) would look wonderful served in this beautiful decanter on World Malbec Day this April 17.

Whatever you decide to pour in to your decanter, remember to never wash it with detergent – no modern stain remover chemicals needed here! Instead, follow the example of some of the finest sommeliers and wine experts who regularly share their knowledge with Sloan and her team.

As the shape of a decanter makes it very difficult to get the soapy residue out when cleaning it one should use a mixture of crushed ice and coarse salt instead as this combination will remove any residual wine without leaving behind any aroma of their own. Which is just you want when serving a fine wine in your decorative cut glass decanter from Pitfield London, the vintage experts!

Pitfield London sell much more than just beautiful vintage decanters. To see their entire collection of vintage pieces and to find out more about prices and delivery options, please visit pitfieldlondon.com/collections/shop

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