If you’re looking for a skincare range that helps to reduce the appearance of spots and blemishes while leaving skin hydrated, beautifully smooth and glowing, then look no further than the new Proactiv+® range from the skin experts Dr Katie Rodan and Dr Kathy Fields.

With an exclusive, patented formula designed to tackle blemishes deep-down while providing the ultimate in hydration for clear, radiant skin, the new and improved Proactiv+® range leads the way in anti-blemish treatments with its superior Smart Target™ Technology; specifically developed to deliver more salicylic acid straight to the pores, leaving skin fresh, healthy and spot-free.

Nicole Scherzinger recommends Proactiv+
Nicole Scherzinger recommends Proactiv+

With hundreds of pre-orders, and already tipped as a ‘beauty must have’ among professional makeup artists and UK celebrities such as Ola Jordan and Nicole Scherzinger, the Proactiv+® range acts to deliver the most effective skin clearing system yet, acting quickly and gently to prevent the formation of spots and wipe out existing blemishes at the same time.

Suitable for those with sensitive spot-prone skin as well as those who suffer from occasional breakouts, Proactiv+® is a revolutionary dual-therapy anti-blemish and skincare system designed to promote a beautifully healthy complexion.

Dermatologically tested, the Proactiv+® range combines an improved anti-blemish treatment, skin smoothing exfoliation, skin brightening complex and built-in hydration for remarkably clear skin which with continued use will also help to prevent future breakouts.

Dr Rodan and Dr Fields, the skin care experts behind the brand comment: “The plus in Proactiv+® symbolises that we’ve taken Proactiv® to a whole new level,” says Dr. Rodan. “We really do believe it’s our biggest development in blemish treatment since we launched Proactiv® almost 15 years ago.”

Dr. Fields adds, “We’ve enhanced the entire range’s ability to treat blemishes by adding effective spot-targeting technology that delivers more salicylic acid to the pores. Plus, we’ve added advanced skincare ingredients, including glycolic acid, prebiotics, kojic acid and other nourishing botanicals, to help soothe and smooth skin damage related to blemishes.”

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Ola Jordan is also a fan of Proactiv+

Proactiv+® Skin Smoothing Exfoliator, £25.99

This luxurious Skin Smoothing Exfoliator contains gentle exfoliating beads which slough away dead skin cells, dirt, oil, grime and makeup and other pore-clogging impurities to reveal fresh, smooth skin for a radiant look.

Soothing moisturisers leave skin silky soft and smooth, and help to calm irritated skin while Glycolic acid helps renew the skin’s surface. Suitable for all skin types and Dermatologist tested, this essential exfoliator is paraben-free, oil-free, PEG-free and non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog pores), 6oz/177.4ml.

Proactiv+® Pore Targeting Treatment, £26.99

This gentle yet effective Pore Targeting Treatment is the blemish-fighting “powerhouse” of the Proactiv+® Core System.

Containing exclusive Smart Target™ Technology, this ‘Step 2’ treatment helps salicylic acid target pores where dirt, oil and bacteria reside; killing bacteria and eliminating excess oil and debris.

Working deep in the pores to break down dead skin cells, dirt and sebum the Proactiv+® Pore Targeting Treatment reveals smoother, brighter skin, and promotes the cycle of cell turnover.

Dermatologist tested and suitable for all skin-types, this clever multi-tasker helps remove excess oil and regulate oil production, tones and tightens pores, improves skin texture, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Paraben-free, oil-free and non-comedogenic, 3oz/89ml.

Proactiv+® Complexion Perfecting Hydrator, £27.99

The final step in the Proactiv+® Core System, the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator leaves skin beautifully hydrated while addressing redness, tone, texture, post-blemish marks, oil, dryness and lacklustre skin.

Regular use of the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator leaves the complexion supple, hydrated, smooth and even-toned, while reducing pore size, smoothing and brightening skin and creating an even skin texture and tone. Containing Salicylic acid to help keep pores clear and refined, this moisture-boosting treatment is also packed full of antioxidants, nourishing prebiotics and botanical extracts to nourish the skin. Paraben-free, non-comedogenic, dermatologist tested and suitable for all skin types, 3oz/89ml

Proactiv+ Skin Purifying Mask – FREE with the Proactiv+® 3-Piece Core Kit

Purify and soothe the skin while reducing existing blemishes with the Proactiv+® Skin Purifying Mask. This deep-cleansing sulphur mask has been formulated to leave the pores squeaky clean and help prevent new breakouts from forming.

Contains cooling kaolin clay to help to draw out excess oil, plus antioxidant vitamins and natural botanical ingredients to leave the complexion nourished and hydrated. Use as an all-over face mask two to three times a week to refine the appearance of pores. This versatile mask is also a great overnight emergency spot-treatment for problem blemishes.

Proactiv+® 3-Piece Core Kit, £19.99

The ALL-NEW, scientifically advanced blemish-fighting 3-Step System for spot-prone skin is here! With built-in hydration and exclusive Smart Target™ Technology the Proactiv+ Core System not only gets to the source of the blemish to clear existing breakouts and prevent new breakouts forming, it also hydrates and soothes the skin while helping to reduce redness, pore size, fade post-blemish marks and even skin tone.

All three steps contain salicylic acid, a proven blemish-fighting ingredient to clear up existing blemishes and prevent new breakouts forming. Suitable for all skin types. PLUS, you’ll get the NEW Skin Purifying Mask (28g) FREE! Containing the following Proactiv+® products:

  • Proactiv+® Skin Smoothing Exfoliator
  • Proactiv+® Pore Targeting Treatment
  • Proactiv+® Complexion Perfecting Hydrator
  • PLUS, you’ll get the NEW Skin Purifying Mask (28g) FREE!

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