Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy for Hair Loss at Clinicbe MenZone

Good cosmetic enhancement is always bespoke and one size never fits all. With more and more men looking to benefit from modern advancements, they deserve their own solutions.  Enter Clinicbe®.  With a strong ethos rooted in individually tailored treatments designed to help clients feel and look their best, Dr Barbara Kubicka, founder of the pioneering integrated skin and healthcare hub Clinicbe®, is launching ‘Clinicbe MenZone’, a series of treatments specifically targeted for men.

From jaw fillers (using a filler designed for male skin), “Mentox” and acne scarring treatments, to jowl lifters, anti-sweating solutions and eye lifts, Clinicbe® addresses modern male concerns.  The MenZone also works with microdermabrasion (often the best facial for male skin) and hair loss treatments – including their exclusive treatment which combines mesotherapy, vitamin injections and PRP (platelet rich plasma therapy) to slow hair loss and encourage regrowth. And throughout it all, Clinicbe’s MenZone provides a safe and comfortable environment specifically tailored for men looking for answers to their aesthetic and cosmetic concerns.

Aware of the differences in male and female skin tissue, as well as their subjective expectation from aesthetic medicine, Dr Kubicka and her team of experts use products that cater to the different biological needs of each skin type. Sculpting fillers used are designed just for men, and include a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid (28mg/ml) and a high viscosity suited to thicker skin, made from the purest source of hyaluronic.

Each treatment programme has been specially designed to feel more accessible to men and leave them looking ‘well’ and not ‘done.’  With the help of Dr Kubicka and the professionals at Clinicbe®, men can look forward to looking their absolute best.

We were invited to try the PRP (platelet rich plasma therapy) to slow male hair loss which is just one element of the Triple Synergy Hair System offered within the new Clinicbe® MenZone treatment menu. The Triple Synergy Hair System is designed to combat hair loss problems from every direction. The treatment is exclusive to Dr. Barbara Kubicka at Clinicbe® and harnesses the power of PRP, mesotherapy, vitamin injections and topical home treatments to slow hair loss and encourage regrowth.

The platelet rich plasma therapy which our reviewer experienced is an advanced technique which utilises the body’s own healing potential by using the patient’s blood. This is drawn from the patient’s arm into vials which the doctor uses a centrifuge to then create a concentrated plasma which is rich in platelet growth factors. This plasma is then injected into the scalp and the growth factors act as messengers which help stimulate the patient’s hair follicles on a cellular level to activate the body’s natural repair mechanism for optimum hair retention resulting in what clinical trials have shown to be an increase in hair count, increase in hair thickness, and the renewed growth phase of the hair cycle.

The injections are only to the hair follicle level so there is minimal discomfort and minimal downtime if any. Our reviewer was able to go straight back to work following his lunchtime treatment. Some experts recommend taking a warm shower after the treatment as warm water on the scalp will enhance blood flow and thus increase circulation of the PRP around the scalp.

After three monthly treatments we did not notice a visible difference in hair thickness or regrowth however the reviewer had an already established bald spot on the crown of his head and it is widely recommended that those with early hair loss respond best to PRP treatment. However our reviewer did notice that hair shedding had improved to a point where there was no increase in the size of the bald spot after the three months of treatment. It is recommended that consistency over the long term does improve results with follow up PRP treatments every 6 months until optimal results are achieved. Also – as offered to clinic patients at Clinicbe® – a multi-faceted approach is recommended with the combination of treatments like mesotherapy and vitamin supplements such as that which is provided by the Triple Synergy Hair System offered at Clinicbe®.

Dr Barbara Kubicka personally conducted the PRP treatments for our reviewer with a delicate touch. She has practiced Aesthetic Medicine for a number of years, working with top companies including Harrods, Allergan, Remington and Restylane. She founded the revolutionary Clinicbe® in the heart of Knightsbridge to offer Belgravia residents and those in the know with a broad range of health and lifestyle therapies in addition to doctor-led cosmetic and medical skincare treatments. The beautifully appointed clinic provides a peaceful, relaxing environment equipped with the latest technology and is a convenient location for patients and clients living or working in Belgravia, Chelsea, and Mayfair.

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