The Pulsonic Facial: Innovative Treatment Unique To Centros Unico


Centros Unico, a respected non-surgical aesthetic beauty clinic group with clinics across the UK, has noticed a significant upsurge in customers choosing to spend a little extra each month on their appearance and opting for the pulsonic facial – an innovative treatment unique to Centros Unico which uses radiofrequency to help rejuvenate the skin by removing dead skin cells and giving skin a more vibrant look.

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The Pulsonic Facial Explained

Featuring state-of-the-art technology, the neoadvanced technology pulsonic facial uses a radiofrequency machine to rejuvenate the skin by smoothing, hydrating and firming. This is achieved through electromagnetic waves creating intradermal heat and stimulating fibroblasts which in turn improves blood circulation. This results in the production of collagen that improves skin elasticity.

Katherine Bale, owner of Centros Unico’s Derby clinic understands why the treatment has become so popular, with the facial being its most popular non-surgical treatment.

She said: “The pulsonic facial is a pioneering treatment that smooths out the finer wrinkles and brightens skin without the need for invasive treatments.

“Over the past year, we have seen that more people are realising the benefits of the facial, opting for the use of technology as the preferred option to the standard facial. It is also really popular for people who want to lose wrinkles but do not want to have intrusive injections.

“We are seeing a great demand for the treatment from both men and women and the age range is very broad – between 30 to 60 years.”

The neoadvanced technology facial is exclusive to Centros Unico and is offered across its nine clinics in the UK including Derby, Manchester, Bradford, Leeds, Ealing, Stratford, Bromley, Bloomsbury and Thurrock.
Katherine added: “For optimum results we recommend around eight treatments of the pulsonic facial with sessions every one to two weeks.

“Our treatments also include cleansing and exfoliating the skin and finishes with a relaxing massage over the face and neck.”

SLOAN! Magazine To Review The Pulsonic Facial

With pulsonic facials becoming ever more popular among beauty devotees visiting one of the clinics up and down the UK, we are reviewing a course of six pulsonic facial treatments at the Centros Unico clinic in the Brunswick Centre near London’s Russell Square. In July we will be reporting our findings in the summer edition of the magazine so check back then to find out if these innovative treatments deliver the remarkable results they promise.

About Centros Unico

Centros Unico is a leader in high quality advanced and medical aesthetic treatments without the need for deep pockets. It specialises in laser hair removal and a wide range of other facial and body treatments for men and women. Highly qualified doctors carry out all of its medical aesthetic treatments; doctors also supervise all of the laser hair removal it does. Centros Unico has nine UK clinics in Derby, Manchester, Bradford, Leeds, Ealing, Stratford, Bromley, Bloomsbury and Thurrock. Starting its business in Spain, the company now has more than 160 medical aesthetics centres worldwide.

The pulsonic facial costs £60 per session or £295 for 6 sessions. For more information on the pulsonic facial treatment, please visit

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