Purition Strawberry Wholefood Shake

It’s time to say goodbye to synthetic strawberry shakes with the introduction of the latest natural flavour shake from wholefood experts, Purition.

With the British obsession for the fruit it’s not surprising that one of the most popular flavours of protein and diet shakes is ‘strawberry’. Pick up a tub and read the ingredients however and you won’t find a strawberry in sight. Instead you’ll see oddly named flavourings alongside additions ranging from ‘stabilisers’, ‘gums’ and ‘emulsifiers’ to artificial sweeteners and colourants.

Things are a little different with the new Strawberry Wholefood Shake from Purition however.

Strawberry-500g-BagMade with real freeze dried strawberries there’s not a single artificial ingredient in the exciting new mix. Taking their place you’ll discover natural additions like chia seeds, almonds and coconut, alongside the strawberries.

Combined, these wholefood ingredients provide nearly 20g of protein per serving and are jammed full of important vitamins, minerals and Omega fatty acids; making them not only an excellent post workout shake, but also a superb breakfast swap for those looking to lose a few pounds and keep hunger locked up until lunch.

It’s not just the nutrition panel that makes this shake so special however. Real ingredients mean real taste and when mixed in with yoghurt or shaken up with milk you create an explosion of flavour that will make synthetic strawberries a thing of the past!

To buy, or for more information, visit www.purition.co.uk

Strawberry Wholefood Shake








The SLOAN! Factor


  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • No artificial strawberry flavour
  • Packed with nutritious wholefood
  • Use as meal replacement or pre/post workout
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