Remescar states that the product “is an easy to use silicone stick designed for scar care. Remescar releases a transparent, thin and silicone base film which creates an ideal healing protective barrier. This helps to maintain the skin’s moisture balance, while aiding the healing of scar tissues resulting from surgeryburns, injuriesacne and stretch marks. Use Remescar to reduce a scar’s length and height, to soften and flatten the scar tissues, to restore the skin to a more normal colour and texture and to relieve burning, tingling and itching sensations.”

SLOAN! tested this product on a new scar and a scar that was 2 years old. Treating the new scar was very successful and there was a noticeable decrease is scar length and improvement in skin texture and colour within 5 days. However there was not as great a change in the old scar. Scar size and shape was not noticeably different after 2 weeks but skin texture had improved.

We would recommend this product during the immediate healing phase of scarring as it helps the scar to heal quicker and with less unwanted effects to the skin.

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  • Works well on new scars

  • Only a slight improvement on very old scars
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