RestBitesBiosential Inc., developer and distributor of Zenbev Drink Mix®, recently announced the launch of the newly formulated RestBites® candies to the UK market. All natural RestBites are comprised entirely of wholesome ingredients combined in such a way to produce a healthy, restful sleep.

Biosential is a Canadian company that was established to develop and market natural food products as an alternative to pharmaceuticals currently used in the treatment of common clinical complaints associated with a modern lifestyle including insomnia and anxiety. Biosential values rigorous product development backed by scientific research that demonstrates efficacy through clinical trial testing.

RestBites were developed by a Canadian Research Psychiatrist with published clinical trials to compliment the parent product, Zenbev Drink Mix.  Zenbev Drink Mix is a powdered beverage mix created to treat common conditions like insomnia and social anxiety. The main ingredient, de-oiled pumpkin seed meal, is the highest natural source of tryptophan, the precursor of melatonin. When combined with a precise ratio of pumpkin seed meal with strategic carbohydrates, tryptophan will access the brain and produces a deep restful sleep in dark conditions and a sense of calm from naturally induced serotonin during daylight conditions.

When first introduced, RestBites were received extremely well due to their delicious taste and ease of taking before bed.  The newly reformulated RestBites achieve all this while now being made of all natural ingredients including Canadian honey and are hand-dipped in tempered chocolate.  The amount of chocolate is just enough to extend shelf life and provide a delicious coating without added caffeine to counteract the sleep properties.

“I have designed RestBites to be healthy, effective and easy to take without sacrificing taste” says Dr Craig Hudson, inventor of Zenbev and RestBites.  “I believe I have achieved the goal of a wholesome food that provides the very best treatment for insomnia.”  RestBites are currently available only online to be able to offer the freshest product to UK customers.  Please visit to learn more.







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