Coverage Policy For Media Reviews

Review Policy Coverage Terms & Conditions

Due to the overwhelming response from dozens of PR agencies and numerous brands who approach us on a weekly basis, SLOAN! magazine has defined the following to make our policy regarding hospitality or treatment media reviews clearer.

Invitations sent to the magazine will be classified into one of three categories and dealt with accordingly.

Category Gold – Invitations to Launch Events, Press Parties or Media Reviews valued under £75.

Online coverage on of Category Gold is NOT guaranteed and neither is inclusion in SLOAN! – Category Gold refers to any launch event, press party or media review for hospitality or treatment under £75. We do guarantee social media be that in the form of Instastories, an Instagram post or tweets. We do offer the chance for previews to be posted online at if the consideration is of an equivalent value (AVE is £375) or if you wish to run a competition for free tickets to an event, exhibition or party (AVE is £500). Both of these can be agreed separately and included on but must be in writing and signed off by an editor and your client must have offered consideration more than a mere invitation for additional coverage.  If you havecelebrity guests attending the party, we are also happy to include you in the Onlooker section of SLOAN! Only the Editor-In-Chief can promise inclusion for a Category Gold review.

Onlooker Example

Category Platinum – Restaurant/Hotel/Treatment reviews between £75-£400

Category Platinum offers review coverage on – This will be a full review online at which currently receives over 400,000/month AB & HNW demographic engagement.

You can see the latest reviews by clicking the links below. There are many different styles depending on the reviewer.

Category Platinum reviews are guaranteed at least an online placement and will be considered for first priority inclusion in SLOAN! itself. Inclusion is based on the quality of service, quality of food and drink, consideration given and general atmosphere of the venue. Although we do get requests for Platinum coverage clients to be upgraded to guarantee both an online review and SLOAN! coverage, this does defeat the object of being reviewed to earn your place in SLOAN! We are fair in Category Platinum and we do give feedback either on the night if asked directly or afterwards if asked by the PR. Final decisions of who is included in SLOAN! occur a few weeks before issue deadline and your review score is matched against others that took part against you. We do not over book. We aim to feature well over 70% of restaurants we just think the amount of coverage and if you have coverage should be dependent on quality which we base on the review score. There have been issues where we included all restaurants because you were all so good! This is about keeping standards high rather than having the expectation to be included and we believe it has more integrity. If you are still interested in pushing for guaranteed coverage in both please see Category Sapphire below for such requests. We do not currently publish the review score but we are thinking of doing so. Would you like us to publish the review score so you can watch how you are doing compared to other restaurants?

To summarise: You will still be put forward to be included in the next SLOAN! however, you are not guaranteed inclusion in SLOAN! if you have a full review online at To guarantee inclusion in SLOAN!  or to push a particular event over a review you need to be eligible for the Diamond Coverage – see below.

Category Diamond – Restaurant/Hotel/Beauty reviews of high value

Diamond Coverage: Inclusions in SLOAN! & Social Media – You will be guaranteed a place featured on our pages within SLOAN! but you do not get an online review. By choosing Diamond you have forgone the review process to earn your right in the pages of SLOAN!  and demanded your right due to consideration given. This means you get guaranteed SLOAN! coverage but you will not be reviewed. If you wish to have an online presence we can publish a preview or press release for your latest promotion by agreement from the Editor in writing.

Please see previous issues for examples of inclusion –

UK Dining – Consideration was over £400 or they reviewed in the top 70% of all reviews
UK Press Stay Example Single Page – Consideration was over £500 from the client
UK Press Stay – Example DPS – Consideration warranted a £2000 AVE
Foreign Press Stay – Example DPS – Consideration warranted a £2000 AVE
Foreign Dining   – Commissioned as a press trip feature
Masterclass/Experts – Commissioned as an expert feature after attending a masterclass

You will also receive Instagram stories or other social media coverage. We currently have over 300k followers combined but we will choose the most appropriate channel. Instagram tends to do well for food. If you choose this option we do not provide a full review on but as above you can still put forward to have a preview of an event covered. This will be considered but this is not guaranteed, it depends on fit. If you prefer a full review on over inclusion in SLOAN! then please choose Platinum Coverage as your preferred option.

Category Sapphire

Known in-house as Category Cheeky! If you are requesting a guaranteed online review and guaranteed SLOAN! coverage we respectfully highlight that you have missed the point of being reviewed to earn your place in SLOAN! review pages. As you can understand it is impossible to guarantee inclusion before we review as we have no idea what to expect. We can guarantee SLOAN! inclusion (Category Diamond) OR we can guarantee online at (Category Platinum) but we do not guarantee both a review and SLOAN! If you want to be cheeky we don’t mind you can pitch to us your reasoning as to why your client should bypass the review process demonstrating that they excel in the main areas of quality of service, quality of food and drink, consideration given and general atmosphere of the venue. We suggest that your better option would be to choose category Diamond and ask for inclusion in SLOAN! and then request an online preview or event piece. Please note that consideration given must be proportionate to the amount of AVE coverage you are requesting and apart from figures mentioned here you can see more details if you download our media kit found here.

We hope that this clarifies your queries and explains that we conduct reviews and the idea is to earn your place in the magazine. As mentioned above we do not overbook. We aim to feature well over 70% of restaurants we just think the amount of coverage and if you have coverage should be dependent on quality which we base on the review score.