Review Samples

Terms & Conditions

Due to the overwhelming response from dozens of PR agencies and numerous brands who approach us on a weekly basis, SLOAN! magazine has made the following changes to our policy regarding product samples sent after 1st July 2015 to maintain the quality of the magazine.

Products sent in to the magazine will be classified into one of three categories and dealt with accordingly.

Category A – product samples less than £100 and all loan samples (loan samples under £100 are not accepted)

Although anyone is free to send products in, Category A products will be judged solely on the quality of the product and user experience compared to similar products we have tried. We look for good quality products that live up to their marketing and brands we are happy to stand behind. All products receive a review score out of 10 behind the scenes, sometimes we publish the scores other times we do more of a story board type review. Feel free to check out some of the products we have previously reviewed to see what we look for and our different styles of review.

Online reviews of Category A products are NOT guaranteed and neither is inclusion in the digital magazine. An online review will only be featured if the product scores over 7 out of 10 once reviewed by a member of the SLOAN! team. The Editor-in-Chief ultimately decides which products are featured in the digital magazine based solely on the quality of the product.

We aim to be able to feature at least 9 out of 10 of the received products so we do ask you to consider the quality of your product and the expectation of an AB demographic before sending in or suggesting your product so that we can all work together effectively to promote the correct brands that have the right fit with our readers. Only the Editor-In-Chief can promise inclusion, although  if the product does not live up to its advertising we will regrettably be unable to feature it as the integrity of the magazine is paramount.

Category B – product samples more than £100 and less that £250

These products are guaranteed an online review and will be considered for first priority inclusion in the magazine itself. Inclusion in the magazine itself is still based on product score and fit for our future features but we would be looking to feature the majority of samples called in. Please make sure before sending in such a product you have an e-mail from one of our team confirming that we are able to accept your item.

Category C – product samples over £250

These products are guaranteed inclusion in the magazine and an online review. Please make sure before sending in such a product you have an e-mail from one of our team confirming that we are able to accept your item.

Competition prizes are agreed separately and do not fall into any of the above categories.