A Surprise from Roses Only

On the eve of my new weekly show on COLOURFUL Radio, it was such a wonderful surprise to open my front door to be greeted by the cheerful smile of the friendly delivery man who presented me with an elegant long box tied with a beautiful bow from Roses Only.


For those of you not already familiar with Roses Only, this luxury roses brand has had two decades of success in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, sourcing and delivering the world’s finest long-stemmed roses and are now here in the UK delivering not just the most beautiful flowers from around the world but also delivering beaming smiles and happiness to surprised ladies just like me this morning!

Only Roses 001

Headed up by Founder and Director James Stevens and Chief Executive Danielle Gubbay, Roses Only takes great pride in offering premium quality long stemmed roses at affordable prices. They ensure that every single rose makes a lasting impression so that a box of Roses Only offers the ultimate gift for every occasion… such as the exciting launch of my new weekly show on COLOURFUL Radio. Every rose arrives in the UK within days of being picked and Roses Only ensures customers receive only the freshest long stemmed roses, beautifully presented in their signature recyclable box.

Only Roses 006

Handpicked from fair trade farms across the globe, these roses have been carefully selected by experts to meet the highest standards, having developed thicker and longer stems throughout their growth period of 15 weeks – almost double the usual eight week cycle for roses. This provides the stem with additional strength to hold a flower height of 5 – 6cm, with flowers staying fresh for two weeks.

Only Roses 003

The world’s most popular flower has been seen historically as a symbol of love and beauty dating back to the Ancient Roman times with the rose said to be the favourite flower of Venus, the Goddess of Love; and today it is still celebrated with different rose colours conveying different meanings. Whatever the occasion, you can put your trust in Roses Only to send that perfect message to your loved one with the finest long stemmed roses all year round.

Only Roses 004

As you can see the wonderful team at Roses Only even included a hand written card with a lovely message full of best wishes and congratulations following the announcement of my new radio show, Colourful Life With Sloan Sheridan-Williams that comes to you live from the London studios of COLOURFUL radio every Thursday from 10am right through until 12pm.

Only Roses 002

Click here to find out more about my weekly radio show coming to you live across the airwaves every Thursday on COLOURFUL Radio. For more information about the wonderful bouquets and gifts from Roses Only check out their website at rosesonly.co.uk and spread a little happiness in the lives of those you love by ordering a elegant signature box of a dozen roses for someone special, whayever the occasion!

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