Royal China Canary Wharf: One of London’s Most Authentic and Prestigious Chinese Restaurants

The Royal China Group consists of six of London’s most authentic and prestigious Chinese restaurants. Based in prime areas of London, the restaurants are centrally located with Queensway being the very first Royal China Chinese restaurant to open in London in 1988 followed by Royal China restaurants in Baker Street, Canary Wharf, Fulham, Harrow, and the latest opening was the luxurious and critically-acclaimed Royal China Club.

Each restaurant has a dedicated Dim Sum Chef, as well as a Head Chef. The Royal China restaurants have the same à la carte menus including the iconic Peking Duck. In addition, each restaurant dedicates a full page to signature dishes created by the restaurant’s individual Head Chefs. These dishes are changed frequently, while the seasonal dishes are changed four times a year. This summer Head Chef  Jian Ping Heis has created the following signature dishes specifically for Royal China Canary Wharf – Fresh Lobster with ginger and spring onion; Sliced Whole Seabass Cooked with Dry Chilli; Deep Fried Prawn Balls with Mango Sauce; Giant prawn with chilli and garlic; and finally Steamed King Prawns with Japanese Tofu.

The Royal China restaurants offer traditional Hong Kong Chinese dishes, while the Royal China Club provides an exclusive experience by combining European ingredients within the authentic Chinese cuisine. The group is renowned for its Dim Sum, which is served daily from Noon until 5pm.

The restaurants all have elegant décor, contrasting rich golden hues with striking red and black features. Lacquered murals depicting an ornate Chinese illustration create a focal point within each of the five restaurants. The birds flying in the wind and crashing wave motifs depicted in the murals represent the Chinese saying to forge ahead “乘風破浪” which translates as “sailing through the wind and waves”. We’re told that this has special meaning for the Royal China Group with their high ambitions to brave the winds and waves of the challenging times in the hospitality industry over the past 30 years. Royal China Group is today one of London’s most authentic and prestigious Chinese restaurants.

We received a very warm welcome upon arrival at Royal China Canary Wharf. It was nice to have a beautiful view of the Thames from our table as we perused the menu and soaked up the atmosphere. Having arrived before 4.30pm that day, we were lucky enough to sample not just the main menu but also the dim sum menu which heightened our appetites with so much choice to hand. We decided to begin the meal with a selection of dim sum dishes to tease our taste buds.

We started with deep fried baby squid with spicy salt. The squid was cooked nicely and the perfect batter elevated the dish. It was crispy with a moreish salty exterior that kept you coming back for more. The chilli added an extra dimension to kick start our Royal China adventure.

The deep fried soft shell crab with spicy salt was a really nice surprise. The crab was one of the biggest we have seen and the flavours of the crispy batter and chilli hit home with the more subtle flavour of fresh crab. A real joy and a promising start.

Roast pork buns are Sloan’s favourite taking her back to her days of studying Law in London. These didn’t disappoint – the bun was soft and filled with a generous sweet pork centre.

The crab meat and scallop dumplings are one of two dishes from the Canary Riverside Dim Sum Special Menu that we ordered. You could tell why these special parcels were chosen for his menu. Filled with a meaty centre, the soft parcel falls apart when you bite into it allowing the flavours to break free and develop in the mouth.

What a lovely selection of Dim Sum from talented Dim Sum Head Chef Fhili Huang which really tantalised our taste buds.

The sesame prawn rolls are larger than any we have tried previously and the contents do not disappoint. As you take a bite, the flavour of sesame is delicate and the interior is filled with flavour from the juicy prawn to develop a real sense of satisfaction in your mouth.

Another dish from the Canary Riverside Dim Sum Special Menu was the deep fried prawn balls with mango sauce. Coated with batter and almonds, these balls have a secret surprise waiting inside. The prawn ball is filled with a mango sauce centre that literally bursts out when you bite into it. The ball itself has a very generous helping of prawn and each has been expertly crafted to give a mouth watering experience. The Canary Riverside Dim Sum Special Menu is available until the end of September.

We ordered an old favourite of honey roast pork cheung fun. This traditional dish was very satisfying and packed full of flavour. The steamed rice flour wrapping held its contents nicely and the freshness of the meat stood out.

The honey roast pork puffs along with the other dim sum are made fresh every day. The puffs were light and delicate and filled with sweet honey roast pork that has good texture and a moreish flavour that keeps you coming back for another bite.

For the main event we tried the Crab Meat E-Fu noodles. The dish was alot bigger than we expected but despite the size the quality was high and is something that makes Royal China stand out. We used a spoon and fork to serve the noodles in our bowls.

Take a closer look at the generous helping of Crab Meat noodles.

To finish was tried the sauteed prawns with red chilli sauce Szechuan style. The prawns are slightly spicy and cooked to perfection. On biting into the prawns they are soft and full of the freshness of the sea. The chilli spice contrasts really well to make this a must try dish.

Following an extensive refurbishment in spring 2011, Royal China Canary Wharf is contemporary in design. The restaurant accommodates 130 people, while the large alfresco terrace overlooking the Thames seats 80 guests. Conveniently, the restaurant is just a minute’s walk from the Thames Clipper’s Canary Wharf Pier.

On weekdays Royal China Canary Wharf is popular with business people, while weekends attract locals and families. The restaurant serves a traditional Hong Kong Chinese menu, perfect for guests wishing to indulge in authentic Chinese cuisine.

Royal China Canary Riverside London
30 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London E14 8RR
020 7719 0888

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