Restaurant Review Policy

Terms & Conditions

SLOAN! magazine has the following policy regarding restaurant reviews. It is in place to maintain the quality of the magazine and keep reviews honest and fair with coverage based on quality. We aim to take pictures at all our reviews but are happy to include press imagery but not limit it to such. We wish our readers to see how the food is presented on the night and to get a feel for the restaurant and evening which staged pictures do not always portray.

Restaurant reviews undertaken with a view to being in the magazine fall into one of two categories and are dealt with accordingly.

Category A – Restaurant reviews – Price bracket less than £75 for 2 people (not including alcohol)

Category A restaurants will be judged solely on the quality of the restaurant including décor, ambience, service and of course food. We look for good quality restaurants including chains, food/juice bars and cafes that live up to their marketing and brands that we are happy to stand behind. Restaurants receive a review score out of 10, sometimes we publish the scores alongside a write up of the evening, other times we do a story board type review. The review will be up in 4 weeks and if applicable will be published in the magazine within 3 months. Feel free to check out some of the restaurants we have previously reviewed to see what we look for and our different styles of review. We do guarantee online coverage (see exceptions) and will put the venue forward for inclusion in the magazine. If you wish to guarantee inclusion in the magazine at this level of review then you would need to discuss this before hand and ask for it to be signed off by an editor.

Category B – Restaurant reviews – Price bracket more than £75 for 2 people (not including alcohol)

Category B restaurants will also be judged solely on the quality of the restaurant including décor, ambience, service and of course food. These restaurants are guaranteed inclusion in the magazine (amount of coverage based on quality of experience) and an online review. Please see exceptions to this. These restaurants  are always with a photo story for online with a photo and entry in the magazine. The review will be up in 4 weeks and will be published in the magazine within 3 months.


We aim to be able to feature all the restaurants we review either online and/or in the magazine, so we do ask you to consider the quality of your venue and the expectation of an AB demographic before sending in or suggesting it to us so that we can all work together effectively to promote the correct brands that have the right fit with our readers. If the restaurant does not live up to its advertising we will regrettably be unable to feature it, as the integrity of the magazine is paramount.

To be clear if the food is of poor quality, the establishment is not up to parr, the ambience is for a different market or the service is overly slow or rude then these are the restaurants we would not include. The reviewers preference does not come in to the decision, and in the history of the magazine very few have been rejected after review.

However we reserve the right to not include a restaurant in the magazine if it is not suitable with the option of an honest review online should the establishment wish us to go ahead with constructive comments but a fair approach.

The Editor-in-Chief ultimately decides which restaurants are featured in the magazine based solely on the quality of the experience and not price of venue.