Salcura Antiac

Salcura  Natural  Skin  Therapy  has  created  its  groundbreaking  acne  range,  Antiac,  for  the   treatment and prevention of  blemishes  as  well  as  moderate  to  severe  acne. We love this range as it is powerful yet gentle because it contains no nasties and is totally free from antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, alcohol, sulphates, parabens and lanolin. Salcura actively reject the ingredients that cause many people additional discomfort or drying when tackling blemishes and acne breakouts.

L_Antiac_FaceWashThe  Antiac range  is  aimed  specifically at  those  who  suffer  from  blemish  or  acne-­prone  skin  and  who   want a  practical  and  effective  way  of  dealing with  the  condition.  It  has  been  created  to   prevent  and eliminate  blemishes,  blackheads,  whiteheads  and  pimples, as  well  as  to  care  for   the  skin  and provide  nourishment  with  only  natural  ingredients.

The  Antiac  range  comprises  of  two  product  types: Activ  and  Daily.  Activ  products  consist  of  a   Liquid  Spray (£16.99) and  a  Gel  Serum (£9.99),  for  the  targeted  treatment  of  acne  and  blemishes.  Daily   products consist  of  a Facial  Wash  (£9.99) and  Facial  Wipes,  for  gentle  cleansing  and  skin   maintenance.  The  range has  been  carefully formulated  to  make  skin  look  and  feel  more   healthy,  balanced  and  blemish-­‐free.

L_Antiac_Gel_SerumThe  Antiac  range’s  effectiveness  is down  to  carefully  tested,  natural  formulations,  which  work in harmony  with  the  skin’s  own  healing  process  to allow  it  to  repair  naturally.  With  lavender for its antibacterial  &  balancing  properties,  sea  buckthorn  for skin  rejuvenation  and  healing,   and rosemary  for  skin  toning  and  cell  regeneration,  the  range  harnesses  the immeasurable   power  of nature.

L_Antiac_SpraySalcura  is  a  British  skincare  brand  that  focuses  on creating  high  quality  natural  products  for people   looking  to  enjoy healthy  looking  and  great  feeling  skin.  They specialise  in  creating  effective solutions  for   people  suffering  from  conditions  like  eczema,  acne  and  psoriasis, but  also  like  to create  natural   beauty  products  that  just  make  you  feel  good  about  yourself  and  your  skin.

Bio-­scientist,  Dr  Martin   Schiele  developed  products  to  treat  the  skin  problems  of  factory  workers handling chemicals  in  the   1990’s.  Over  a  decade  later,  he  launched  his  blend  of  ingredients  as ‘Salcura’. Martin  Schiele,  Salcura’s  Managing  Director,  said  about  the  range:

“We  are  extremely  proud  to  have  created  this  unique  and  truly  effective  acne  range.  Acne   and blemishes  can  be problem  not  just  for  teenagers,  but  for  men  and  women  of  all  ages  and   at Salcura  we  truly  believe  that we’ve come  up  with  the  solution  to  that  problem.  Our   mission  is  to provide  life-­‐changing  results  to  people’s  skin, and  the  Antiac  Range  has  been   proven  to  have  such incredible  effects  that  I  believe  we  can  do  just  that.”

Sold  throughout  the  UK, Salcura  products  can  be  purchased  directly  via  telephone or  online  –  –  and  in  hundreds  of  independent  pharmacies,  health  shops and  large   pharmacy  chains  such as  Boots  and  Holland  &  Barratt.  Salcura  also  work  with  export partners,  such  as   Iceland,  Greece,  Taiwan, Singapore,  Canada  and  America,  helping  people  around  the  world  achieve   healthy  skin.

Antiac  is  available  from  the  Salcura  website,  as  well  as  Boots,  Feel  Unique,  and  Wholefoods,   and in  over  2000  independent  chemists  and  natural  health  shops  nationwide.

Salcura Antiac


Fights acne & blemishes


Natural products


Safe for sensitive skin


British brand


  • Contains no nasties
  • Maximum strength formulas
  • Maintains clear skin
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