Sara Young: AFYNA Seaweed Facial

By Sara Young – Spa Therapist & Creator of AFYNA Skincare

We are blessed to be located on the coast of North Cornwall, which means easy access to many beautiful beaches with an abundance of seaweed that as Cornish company we just had to include into our range.

Seaweed is a truly fabulous plant, well known for it’s health benefits as a food that is eaten daily in Asia and is slowly becoming more popular in the West as well. What is not so well known is that it also has huge skin benefits from the copious amounts of vitamins and minerals that it is made up of, in fact many top cosmetic companies have now harnessed the goodness of seaweed in their ‘marine’ based skincare ranges.

Bladderwrack is detoxifying & stimulates the lymphatic system that draws out the impurities in the skin giving a deep clean effect. Kombu is rich in vitamins A, B1 and C. Vitamin C prevents the breakdown of collagen in skin and helps keep the skin looking smooth and young. It helps to shorten the phase in which cells regenerate themselves which means when used regularly they can repair damage to the skins barrier, slow ageing and wrinkle formation and promote faster healing. While Irish Moss produces a highly nourishing gel which can work with the skins own natural defences to not only moisturise, but also act as a barrier to keep the skin hydrated.

We have collaborated with The Cornish Seaweed Company to formulate a range of seaweed based products that has enabled us to design our unique (and quite wonderful) Detoxifying Seaweed Facial that is available at all of our spa partners.

This unique facial begins by using our organic range of facial products which then moves on to incorporate a face mask designed by us using hand harvested Cornish bladderwrack seaweed combined with Cornish clay to deeply detoxify the skin while kombu seaweed eye patches are applied to hydrate the delicate eye area; a relaxing head massage lets your dream of sunny days on a beach whilst the mask works it magic. After the mask poultices of hydrating Irish moss are massaged over the skin to boost the skin’s moisture levels while the facial is finished with a selection of Afyna products to suit your skin type.

If you are ready to detox in the new year then your skin will also need a detox as well, and the facial is a brilliant way to do this – new year, new you!

Skincare - Sara Young
Skincare – Sara Young

Sara is a fully qualified and highly experienced spa therapist, driven to provide the best skincare results possible through specially designed spa treatments.  She firmly believes that you should not put anything on your skin that you would not be happy to eat, because essentially skincare products are food for the skin.

Sara felt there was a need for a high performance organic range that was not only organic but also powered to give better effects, so she decided to formulate her own range – AFYNA was born.

She wanted to ensure that organic really was organic, and that each and every ingredient used during formulation was certified to prove its authenticity; any added extras had to be extracted from nature to ensure that no chemicals were introduced.

She is passionate about enabling women to be able to re-create the spa experience at home and help them feed their skin with all of the nutrients that it needs to be younger, firmer and brighter.

When she is not extolling the benefits of AFYNA, Sara enjoys making the most of living in Cornwall and can be found on the beach most mornings running with her dog.

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