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Thank you for enquiring about sponsored content. You have either been directed here because you have requested to have additional coverage to accompany your editorial content or because you are unable to supply a non returnable sample for review and there is no editorial space left for loan samples. Please do fill out the form so we can help create a bespoke package for your client that will get them the coverage they need at an affordable price. This form contains our full prices. Promotional prices of between 30-50% are available when purchasing more than one type of coverage. Please bear this in mind when deciding which options would suit your client’s budget.

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Feature in SLOAN!

If you would like to discuss a feature in SLOAN! we can provide everything from 1/8th of a page to a DPS. Please just indicate below how much space you would require.

If you are looking at cheaper options of coverage then we offer social media shoutouts and online coverage at a fraction of the cost of being feature in SLOAN! To get a rough idea of costings and also to provide us with the type of coverage you would be interested in please do tick the relevant boxes below. We will not assume you want every type of coverage but we can put a few different package prices together for you combining different elements so you can provide your client with a bespoke option.

The below is a rough calculation to help you decide on your budget with us. If you have selected 2 items please apply a further 30% discount. If you have selected 3 or more items please apply a further 50% discount to the total figure and that will give you a rough ball park of the overall price.


Competitions only carry a placement fee if the prize value is under £250 or if you want data capture. For the sake of this enquiry we have not attributed an estimated cost to the competition element as it depends on many factors. The placement fee can vary from £250-£495 depending on what data is captured and the prize value.

If for any reason you are having issues using this form then do feel free to send us an e-mail with the title "FAO: Support Team"and we will help sort out any technical difficulties with you.

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