SEQuaderma Acne Prone Skin

SEQuaderma Acne Prone Skin is a kind–to-skin topical solution suitable for everyone and has proven efficacy. The product is drug free, will not compromise any medication and may help to reduce use of and dependence on steroids or antibiotics. In those who trialled the acne product for 3 weeks:

  • over 98% of spots typical of acne prone skin were cleared
  • symptoms were improved in over 70% of patients with acne according to their doctors



In a survey of 2000 women, just over a quarter (543) said they suffered with a skin condition, the most common being acne (25%).  Over half the respondents with skin conditions wished they worried less about the need to look good but, acne sufferers had the lowest scores for their self-esteem. They rated their appearance as the most important factor. In another survey over half of acne sufferers reported verbal abuse from others due to their skin condition. The SEQuaderma brand genuinely cares about people living with these conditions and strives to share their feelings to facilitate the healing process, as they know that covering up the problem is not enough.

Acne sufferers are on the constant search for ways to help cover up their spot-ridden skin. SEQuaderma found 60% of women with acne have turned to make-up to camouflage their face and 39% admitted to Googling a quick fix method.

A second cosmetic study demonstrated that

  • Oil levels were reduced by:
  • 21% after 1 week
  • 55% after 3 weeks
  • The number of blackheads and whiteheads were reduced by:
  • 50% at 1 week
  • more than 86% after 3 weeks
  • Spots were:
  • reduced by 93% at 1 week
  • virtually cleared (reduced by 98%) by 3 weeks

The product is focused on restoring skin health and comfort, not just its appearance. The condition specific product design means it delivers visible results, helping to care for skin at each stage of acne – cause, symptoms, recurrence. SEQuaderma is dedicated to improve the day-to-day life of people living with these skin conditions not only by providing effective products that ensure visible results but also by changing the way people with these conditions are perceived by the wider community.

SEQuaderma, the new range of unique active dermatology products, provides a solution for those living with eczema, seborrhoeic dermatitis, acne, rosacea and having the visible signs of chronological and photoageing. All five products in the range are specifically designed to restore skin health and confidence to those with these conditions.

The range uses a unique patented Sequessome nanotechnology® that allows the key ingredients to pass into the skin, delivering pure water hydration and nutrients to supplement the skin and support the natural recovery process.

This clinically proven range addresses the specific needs of each condition with carefully selected ingredients and tailor-made formulations. All products are drug free and use top quality ingredients that have been dermatologically tested. The products are safe to use on any affected skin of the face and body in adults and children over 12 years.

The products are available to buy online or in store at Lloyds Pharmacy and in selected Superdrug stores and independent pharmacies. SEQuaderma Acne Prone Skin costs £19.99 and is available from Superdrug, Lloyds and

SEQuaderma Acne Prone Skin






Clinically proven


  • Calms inflamed spots
  • Reduces sebum
  • Supports skin renewal
  • Reduces recurrence of symptoms
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