Seven Secrets To Luscious Locks

This month we have been testing products and supplements that have all claimed to help you get healthy hair and lead to luscious locks. Here are our top seven choices that we were most impressed with.

1. Archeia Minerals

Time consuming but worth it. Preliminary results from a consumer trial indicate that 87% of participants found their complexion was more radiant, 78% said their hair felt thicker, 92% had more energy and vitality and 73% said their self confidence has increased.  So we decided to subjectively mark the minerals on the same basis, reviewers definitely had more energy, thought their hair was thicker, however here at SLOAN! we are quite a confident bunch thanks to Sloan’s coaching but our self confidence maintained it’s high level and all reviewers would continue taking the product.

2. Trevor Sorbie

This professional hair care range has something for everyone although we were trying out the Rejuvinate collection packed with collagen and peptides with great immediate and long term effects, we have also heard good reports back about the brand in general be it from the Silver Colour shampoo to their Curls and Waves selection and not forgetting their male grooming products.  It is no wonder they are celebrating 50 years of excellence and there is a product for everyone in the various ranges. Trevor Sorbie is easily accessible from major retailers such as Boots. This is a brand to go on your shopping list.

3. Viviscal

This starter kit provides everything you need to get on the road to healthy hair in the one box. For those who wish to have actual thicker hair rather than just the appearance of thicker hair this is a good product to try. Our reviewer was only at the beginning of their journey towards male patterned baldness rather than any chemical or stress reaction resulting in hair loss he reported back that Viviscal has definitely improved the thickness of his hair. Having suggested to colleagues he was trying the product he became focused on the gap that was beginning to form on his head and such focus resulted in a slight loss of confidence, Viviscal helped restore the actual thickness of his hair and allowed him to refocus on other aspects of himself as his hair no longer is in need of attention.

4. Inner Me

With it’s cute packaging, these supplements are squarely aimed at the female market.  Although the tablets are rather large and you do need to take them for a good few weeks before you notice a difference, we were happy with the results. They contain MSM, silica and marine collagen along with vitamin C and a vegetarian friendly. We are looking forward to seeing if our lustrous locks ever appear as voluminous as Cheryl Cole’s enabling us to be fit for entry onto the judging panel of the X Factor, worth a try although note the price discrepancies from different providers.

5. Hübner’s Silicea

Surprisingly tasty with a summer seasonal taste of red berries, this supplement went down well. It is versatile and does not require refrigeration meaning you can store it in your handbag (or manbag!) for busy professionals on the move or when traveling abroad. There are no additives or preservatives and after 15 sachets (just over 2 weeks) although we are saw changes in hair, the more noticeable changes were in a skin that healed quicker after a cut (random observation) and much stronger nails. Silica is used in hair, skin and nails and can be used in the maintenance of healthy muscles and bones.

6. Revlon Curly Orbital

If it’s a shortcut you’re after and need a quicker fix than relying on hair supplements, why don’t you try Revlon’s Curly Orbital. Here in the office our girls found that taking supplements and waiting for results that can take too much time when you have a date on Friday night. In such cases we decided the best way to add volume is to create curls and give the perception of volume, as we say here in the office perception is everything! Revlon being a leading brand provided the perfect solution, luscious curls with no frizz and plenty of character.

7. Naturtint Styling Mousse

Once you have that extra hair and the increased volume whether you have short or long hair with current unpredictable British weather you can never have enough hold. We here at SLOAN! know too well that you can spend time styling your hair only to have it ruined with a gust of wind. Naturtint Styling Mousse has Pro Vitamin B5 which helps to guard against the effects of humidity, leaving the hair glossy and glamourous and the product has no SLS, Silicones or Parabens nor leaves a sticky residue making it have great hold yet nothing to give it away.

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