Discover the world’s first hemisphere shaker bottle, ShakeSphere, the bottle has been specifically designed to provide optimum mixing and supplement delivery in a multi-purpose vessel which will revolutionize the shaker market. ShakeSphere enables you to make the most of your supplements so your performance is better than ever.


The bottle is aimed at the “casual” athletes, gym fanatics and those seeking a healthier lifestyle, its unique pill shape reduce supplement accumulation and create a dynamic environment for a superior mix without the need for a ball or a grid. 99.9% of the supplement mix is consumed meaning less waste for the bottle to smell after use. The aperture of the bottle is sufficiently wide for a hand to wipe clean.

Whilst other shaker bottles have external storage boxes which are easy to lose or forget, the ShakeSphere has cleverly designed, integrated compartments which means that nothing gets left at behind: The storage can be used for anything including supplements, pills and snacks. ¬

The ShakeSphere has:

• A unique spherical base
• Secure, anti-leak cap
• Ergonomically designed spout
• 500ml Mixing capacity
• Rotating pill storage with hinge door
• Additional supplement storage compartment – holds up to 100g of powder
• Customizable bottle giving athletes the ability to mix and match
• Oversized thread for better seal
• BPA free
• Dishwasher/freezer/microwave safe
• Cap holes for key storage

The ShakeSphere is available on

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