Shanghai Tang Orchid Bloom

The Shanghai Tang Fragrance Collection is a sensorial journey capturing the essence of the brand, through an adventure that spans 4,000 miles, from Europe to China.

Inspired by the intricate décor and rich colours infused with the local flora and cultural mysteries of the Silk Road, master perfumer and fragrance artist Carlos Benaim has created a collection for Shanghai Tang that captivates all senses.

ORCHID BLOOMThe collection pays tribute to the grandeur of Chinese culture through the multiple facets and mystical essence of the unique scents. Handcrafted around exclusive 100% natural ingredients the collection stands for unquestionable quality and a genuine respect for the craft of perfumery.

A collection of five scents for women and three scents for men; each fragrance sublimates the essence and evokes thoughts of the ancient Silk Road caravans carrying Chinese treasures to the western world.

The collection prominently features the SHÒU: the Chinese symbol of longevity that is commonly recognized as one of the Five Blessings (longevity, wealth, health, love and virtue). The bottle is a testament to the attention to detail utilising exquisite handcraft and luxurious materials. The SHÒU symbol is meticulously engraved in enamel on the cap and in gold leaf that decorates the ceramic ball, serving as a centerpiece of the design that forms the pattern of the lucky number 8. The bottle is a luxurious signature piece of art; no two will ever be the same.

We tried the scent Orchid Bloom which is a magnified close-up of the unique beauty and complexity of the iconic flower, the single floral bouquet is accented with Rose. Enhanced with exhilarating berries as top notes, with a background of musk and patchouli. Orchid Bloom Eau De Parfum, 60ml, RRP £100

Shanghai Tang is available exclusively at Harvey Nichols and from the 1st August 2015

Shanghai Tang Orchid Bloom


Handcrafted luxury bottle


Exclusive 100% natural ingredients


Iconic single floral bouquet


  • Available exclusively at Harvey Nichols
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