Silhouette Eyewear

Silhouette Eyewear began in 1964 and has become the leading brand for the world’s lightest glasses. Each pair is made with great attention to detail, a large proportion of work by hand, an individual design approach and the use of the best materials and the latest technology. In 1999 Silhouette revolutionised the eyeglass world with its Titan Minimal Art glasses weighing only 1.8 grams, without screws, hinges or rims. Since then the Titan design has been adapted to expand the collection.
The Silhouette SUN collection for 2015, builds on the brand’s reputation for innovative design, attention to detail and minimalist eyewear.

With developments to the established Silhouette sunglasses collection, the re-modeled frames offer modern twists to their previous counterparts, creating a selection of frames that offer more than just sun protection. The research given to the layout of the frames ensure that no pressure marks are left after they’re removed, that each frame offers UV protection above any required standards, and that vision remains unobstructed.

Adventurer Aviator

Adventurer_Aviator_8658_60_6205The style-stamp of the US Air Force pilots, the Adventurer Aviator has been re-visited by Silhouette to offer a rimless interpretation of the very popular lens shape. These aviator sunglasses are available in two sizes, the perfect shades for adventure-loving men and women. High-tech titanium allows you to be the master of any situation. Available in six lens shapes and five colours.

The Adventurer Aviator is best for golf.

TMA Ultra Thin

TMA_Ultra Thin_8676_40_6238The extremely thin lenses make the Titan Minimal Art Ultra Thin a highlight of the Silhouette Sun Collection 2015 ‒ and of any personal sunglass collection. The lightest sunglasses in the world, they are perfect for golf with their strongly curved lenses, offering protection from the sun from every angle. The minimalist design of this unisex model will intrigue those who are looking for lightweight sunglasses that have a casual yet elegant touch and offer maximum sun protection.

TMA The MUST Collection

TMA_Must_8671_50_6200The classical and elegant variant of the Titan Minimal Art, The MUST Collection has been to space and back on more than 35 NASA missions. Featured on the US television series ‘CSI: Miami’ and a number of films including ‘Collateral’, these minimal frames feature two-tone temple ends with UV protection and a minimalist design.

The MUST Collection is best for ski.


Futura_4069_00_6235 (1)In 1974, the original Futura became popular and first caused a stir. Elton John wore them then and Tali Lennox today. The Futura sunglasses are a must-have for stars and trendsetters alike. as the 2015, lightweight, unisex model, still features a futuristic touch. Great for looking stylish on the slopes whilst protecting your eyes with polarized lenses; a filter that blocks intense reflected light, reducing glare.

Inspired by the Silhouette ‘Futura Anniversary Edition’, the re-vamped and more rectangular lens format are also available in striking new colours. Available from independent opticians, the Silhouette SUN 2015 collection showcases a blend of style, sophistication, with underlying technological support, for all day wear, at any occasion. Futura sunglasses are for self-confident women and men who appreciate extravagant, cutting-edge design.

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