The Sirtfood Diet

SLOAN! Magazine wanted to look into the latest diet to hit the headlines – The Sirtfood Diet – so we asked the nutritional experts behind it to explain how it works. Check out their recipe for Strawberry & Buckwheat Tabouleh here.

The Sirtfood Diet is based on a newly discovered group of foods called Sirtfoods. These wonder foods are able to activate a powerful recycling process in the body that clears out cellular waste and burns fat. They do this by activating our sirtuin genes – also known as our “skinny” genes. These are the same genes that are activated by exercise and fasting.

Aidan & Glen are the founders of The Sirtfood Diet ©HalShinnie
Aidan & Glen are the founders of The Sirtfood Diet ©HalShinnie

The light bulb moment stuck when we realised that this special group of foods, Sirtfoods, encompassed all the predominant foods eaten by the healthiest cultures in the world.

For example, the Sirtfood turmeric, the prevalent spice in traditional Indian cooking, is believed to play a key role in the lower cancer rates they experience. Green tea is proffered as an explanation for the ‘Asian Paradox’, explaining why despite an extremely high prevalence of smoking, Asian countries with the highest green tea drinkers, especially Japan, have the lowest rates of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease in the world. Then there’s the San Blas islands of Panama where locals are immune to high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and early death. But only as long as they drink their traditional cocoa. Or even the Mediterranean diet where the simple inclusion of either extra virgin olive oil or walnuts reduces cardiovascular disease and diabetes by 30%, improves brain function and reduces obesity.

With this realisation that all these foods contained specific nutrients that activated our sirtuin genes, we set out to find all the top foods that did this. We discovered a total of 20 top Sirtfoods;

• Bird’s-eye chilli
• Buckwheat
• Capers
• Celery
• Cocoa
• Coffee
• Extra virgin olive oil
• Green tea
• Kale
• Lovage
• Medjool dates
• Parsley
• Red chicory
• Red onion
• Red wine
• Rocket
• Soy
• Strawberries
• Turmeric
• Walnuts

Then we posed the question: what would happen if we combined them all to create the ultimate Sirtfood rich diet? Armed with this knowledge we put our revolutionary diet to the test.

SIRT FOOD FRONT COVERIn our test of 40 people, participants lost an average of 7lbs in 7 days, including increases in muscle and muscle function. This dramatic effect on fat-burning, whilst promoting muscle, is key for keeping metabolism up and priming the body for long term weight loss success. Sirtfoods were also found to have natural appetite satiating effects. And participants reported having boundless energy clearer skin, improved health and better sleep. Longer term reports show sustained and continued weight loss, often one stone or more after 4 weeks, along with participants claiming a new lease of life.

With such striking results it’s no wonder that The Sirtfood Diet is being embraced by all from top professional athletes looking for that extra 1% to look and perform great, to cancer survivors looking to reclaim their happiness and once again feel like their former selves.

The beauty of The Sirtfood Diet is that in contrast to previous popularised diets where the focus is on cutting out foods, with Sirtfoods the benefits are reaped through eating. It’s a diet that celebrates food and it means you get the assurances of knowing that every bite you eat is boosting your wellbeing. The Sirtfood Diet book combines all the top Sirtfoods in an easy to follow plan providing delicious recipes to ensure you will reap the maximum fat-burning and healthful benefits setting you on a path to your ideal body composition and best ever health.

About the founders of The Sirtfood Diet

Aidan Goggins – Driven by his quest to cure his own rare autoimmune disease, Aidan is, unusually, both a pharmacist and nutritionist. It is this unique mix which has seen him become one of Europe’s leading health experts. Unparalleled in his nutrition approach, Aidan is highly sought after, with clients spanning from doctors to celebrity TV personalities. A huge fitness enthusiast, he specialises in sports nutrition, and his dietary expertise underpins the success of many champion professional athletes. Aidan is a bestselling, award winning author and is a prominent health commentator in the mainstream media.

Glen Matten – With a Master’s degree in Nutritional Medicine and a predilection for good food, Glen is a nutrition nerd and full-on foodie in equal measures. Glen has run successful clinics across the UK for more than a decade and his clients include a number of professional athletes and celebrities. He is an award winning author who makes frequent forays into the media.

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