Six Simple Exercises for a Better Body

With spring knocking on our doors and summer close behind, some of our New Years resolutions may have fallen beside the wayside. Don’t worry, getting your fitness & summer body back on track isn’t that difficult and as little as 30 minutes a day can regain your focus and achieve great results.

You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to achieve changes, quality and focus on what you do when exercising is a key component.

Paul Jewiss, Founder of The Paul Jewiss Group shows us how 6 simple body weight exercises that he uses with his clients on his Luxury Fitness Retreats, can give you a great workout.

image8The Workout

Simply repeat each exercise for 60 seconds, one after the other with no rest. Once you’ve completed the 6 exercises rest for 1 minute. This is one circuit. Repeat this circuit 5 times. Depending on your fitness level. You can reduce the duration of each exercise to 40 or 50 seconds and build this up as you get fitter. It’s important to ensure you have a good warm up with stretches prior to participating in this circuit.

Jump Squat

paul jewiss group squatStand with feet shoulder width apart, chest up and squat down so knees are at a 90 degrees bend and you can see your tip toes. Pushing through your thighs, jump up off the ground, keeping chest up and using arms for momentum. Land back on your feet in original starting position.

Press Up

paul jewiss group press upAssume start position hands slightly wider than shoulders and directly under shoulders. Body line from shoulders, hip to ankles in line. Bend arms and lower body to ground, then push back up to start position, breathing out on the effort. For an easier version, place your knees on the ground. Ensure you don’t allow your back to dip to the floor.

Mountain Climbers

paul jewiss group mountain climberAssume the Press Up position to start. Bring one leg under the body, knee towards the elbow. Keep hips forwards towards the floor if possible. As you return the leg back to start position, bring the other leg forward. They should pass each other alternatively at a relatively high tempo.

Single Leg Lunge

paul jewiss group lungeStart standing feet shoulder width apart. Step forward with one leg, and lower your back leg towards the floor. When bending the knee of your front leg keeping it at right angles to your foot. Keep chest and head up and back. Push off the lead leg back to the original start position. Alternate legs.

Single Leg Plank

paul jewiss group plankAssume Press Up position to start. Lift up one leg approx 6-8 inches off the floor and keep the elevated leg straight. Dont allow your lower back to arch or your hips to dip. Hold for 30 seconds and immediately swap legs. To make this more intense bend your arms slightly and don’t forget to breathe!

Power Knees

paul jewiss group power kneesStart standing. Run on the spot with knees coming up to your waist or higher if flexible. Keep chest up and use your arms to add rythmn and speed.

Don’t forget to stretch those muscles out pre and post this routine and drink plenty of hydrating fluids especially in the sunshine.

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About The Paul Jewiss Group

Paul JewissPaul Jewiss is a multi award-winning personal trainer with 21 years international experience. He has worked with an eclectic array of clients including National & World Champions, Olympic & Paralympic Athletes, Formula 1 Racing Drivers, CEO Executives and VIPs. Paul offers personal training, lifestyle packages including the new for 2016 signature body transformation package ‘Ninety’. He also runs tailor-made fitness retreats on a 1:1/1:2 basis. and runs luxury retreats abroad. In his free time he likes to compete in Obstacle Course racing and trail running.

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