Is “slanger” giving you a bad night’s sleep?

Everyone knows a good night’s sleep is vitally important for our mental and physical health. Although it can be argued what the optimum amount of sleep is to wake refreshed, a portmanteau (two words blending to create a new word) has been identified to describe those moments of rage and anger we experience due to a lack of sleep.

Sussex Beds has been interested in the study by US scientists which found that the blend of sleep and anger – ‘slanger’ – is similar to the moments of frustration we experienced when hungry – ‘hanger’.

So when people don’t get the right amount of sleep or are disturbed during the night, they wake up feeling the opposite – tired, grouchy, flustered and annoyed – which all adds up to ‘slanger’.

The effects of slanger can last throughout the day as our tired minds struggle to shake the annoyed mood we woke up in. And its ramifications extend beyond constant yawning and a lightning quick temper. Sleep deprivation raises the average daily blood pressure and heart rate and can affect the body’s immune system the same way physical stress does – according to university studies.

The Great British Bedtime Report, published by the Sleep Council, showed that a third of us were getting by on just five – six hours shut eye a night, an indicator that thousands of us could be suffering from slanger. And if you’re a woman you’re also likely to suffer from the condition more often as, according to US scientists, the fairer sex is more susceptible to it.

So what can be done to try and counteract the effects of slanger? Steve Pickering, Sussex Beds MD offers his advice for maximising quality SLEEP and not waking up with slanger:

S is for Sleep

Noise is an obvious distraction but one you can help minimise. Foam ear plugs are an easy solution particularly in warmer weather when sleeping with the window open. The right sounds, however, can also help you nod off. Soothing, soft music and the sounds of waves and nature have been found to help ease hundreds of Brits into the land of nod.

L is for Light

Getting the right bed is a key element, as is creating the right atmosphere in the bedroom. Consider your curtains – if they let in too much light they could be contributing to you waking up too early. And if your radiator settings are too high or too low this could be affecting your comfort levels.

E is for Energy

Now we’re heading into the warmer months you can safely turn the heating down, but even in winter you shouldn’t be tempted to make the bedroom too hot. A cool 16° – 18° is the ideal temperature to help aid sleep.

E is for Electronic

Also think about the activities you get up to before you turn in, particularly if they are likely to increase brain activity. Keep phones, tablets and laptops out of the bedroom – which should be a calm sanctuary rather than an extension of your living room – and try not to use them in the hour before you go to sleep.

P is for Perfection

When it comes to finding the right bed it’s important to start from the bottom up by choosing the best mattress. Weight, lifestyle, preferred sleeping position and spinal alignment should all be taken into consideration, before considering pillows, sheets, and bed style.

Sussex Beds matches people with the right bed for their individual needs so they can get quality sleep and wake feeling wonderful. With more than 30 years’ experience in the industry Sussex Beds prides itself on making the perfect pairing between customers and their extensive stock.

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