SLOAN! – New Format For September 2016

We have loved working in a quarterly fashion for the last 2 years however we are delighted to have the demand from our readers to go from a quarterly magazine to bi-monthly. We aim to still keep our content fresh, free of adverts and  inspiring but we now have more scope to focus on key areas each issue. Whether you buy a shampoo, make up or favourite tipple, what we have seen is that we all need variety. If you use that same shampoo every day, your hair gets used to it and no longer responds as well, likewise with your skincare routine and now we have seen also with your reading habits. You have to keep shaking things up to get the best results.

Options and possibilities are the key staple as to what we aim to provide to our readers. We would like to say a big thank you to our readers who took part in our survey helping us decide what is the best direction for the new look SLOAN! We were intrigued to hear that you many of you gravitate towards different magazines at different times of the year, from health and fitness magazines in the summer months to get that perfect beach body, to interior and entertaining around the holidays and of course beauty and fashion just before those big season days out from weddings to sporting events.

Taking your answers into consideration we have decided to produce SLOAN! six times a year with each issue focusing on what our readers have highlighted an interest in without compromising the variety within each issue and between the different issues. We aim to offer seasonal content, that adapts to the affluent lifestyle of our readers. For those of you interested in what this actually means in terms of content per issue, you can have a sneak peak at our 3 different focuses which will appear in the months that benefit our readers the most.

We will still feature all your favourite sections from celebrity interviews and expert advice in areas such as health, beauty, fitness, fashion, interiors, sport, psychology, business and technology to our hotel and restaurant reviews and also look at travel and satisfying your six needs in each edition.

Although we will still look the same from the outside to help break down our individual focus find out more below…

SLOAN! Lifestyle

Which will pay particular attention to features on how to improve your life and get what you want. It will focus on how to live the life you not only desire but deserve providing you inspiring articles and features on where to go, what to do, how others achieved their dream life and how to keep yourself motivated towards your goal. (Jan/Feb/Jul/Aug)

SLOAN! Vitality

Which will focus on how to get your health to it’s optimum level be that through diet, fitness, health checks or reviewing your daily habits. We will also look at your mental fitness and of course let you in on all the latest beauty treatments, spa days, fitness crazes to kick start your journey to the healthiest most confident version of yourself. ( May/Jun/Nov/Dec)

SLOAN! Indulgence

We believe at SLOAN! that everything needs balance. Throughout the year we will have told you all you need to know to lead a healthy lifestyle. Be that to get yourself in the best physical. mental and emotional place for your needs or supercharging your career and attaining or keeping yourself in a state of financial freedom. However every good deed needs a reward and these issues are about all the lovely ways you can treat yourself and live the life that you have been prepping your body, psychology and bank balance for. We focus heavily on food, entertainment, entertaining your friends and all the finer things in life from cars to holidays to getaways. (Mar/Apr/Sep/Oct)

We love to have feedback. Do let us know which is your favourite issue or if you like our new format the way it is.