Springtime Skincare with Ria Pattni

BY RIA PATTNI, Co-Founder of Fushi Wellbeing, an ethical health and beauty brand

Usually winter leaves us with dry skin and many times even bumpy, rough and scaly skin too. In the winter months there is less moisture in our environment and that, along with central heating and windy, cold weather, can take its toll on the skin. So, coming into spring, you may find your skin quite thirsty for nutrition and duller looking. As winter sucks all the moisture out of the skin our usual face creams can sometimes not be that successful in replenishing what our skin really needs.

I really believe in oils and unrefined butters to help combat this. Organic, cold pressed nut, seed and kernel oils can provide EFA’s, along with nutritive elements and vitamins to restore skin health and condition. And not only do oils rejuvenate the skin but also boost skin health at the same time.

Rosehip, Marula, Camellia and Avocado oils especially can deliver great results for shedding that winter skin and bringing that lovely glow back.

It’s really important to exfoliate the skin before venturing in an oil treatment.  Otherwise the oil will sit on the top layer of the skin without being effectively absorbed into the skin. Gentle facial exfoliation a couple of times a week is essential to combat this.

One of my favourite tips to help rejuvenate dry, winter skin is the hot cloth oil cleansing method. Using oils to cleanse the skin may sound somewhat strange, but the oil cleansing method (OCM) is a fantastic, natural way to get clear skin that looks radiant and is free of impurities. It is especially beneficial to those that have struggled with problem skin. Oil cleansing can rebalance the skin and restore its natural health, relieving many skin issues such as dry skin, oily skin, acne and blackheads.  We advise using a bamboo wash cloth, which nicely exfoliate the skin at the same time.

For a simple fix, facial massage can give your face the TLC it needs. You can use any lubricating oil you have at home for this or even your daily moisturiser. Facial massage with the aid of natural oils conditions, moisturises, relaxes and reduces the appearance wrinkles which can invade your face. Massage is the miracle worker on fine lines as it strengthens the skin again. What’s more it calms sensitive skin, unclogs pores and eradicates blackheads leaving your face clean, soft and youthful.

Regular dedicated practice of Yoga will also naturally work to give your skin a healthy glow.  Yoga works on balancing the hormones and by doing the asanas (poses) oxygen rich blood is continuously circulated to all parts of the body including your face. This helps boost skin resilience the actual poses tone the muscles on the face and neck. Breathing exercises like Pranayama and the deep relaxation Shavasana are essential for relaxing the facial muscles and balancing the system. Other yoga asanas like shoulder stand, downward dog, Cobra are all beneficial for improving the complexion and toning the face and neck area.

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Ria PattniPassionate about health and wellbeing, Ria Pattni from ethical beauty brand Fushi Wellbeing views yoga and healthy living as a way of life rather than a separate entity or interest. A lover of all things natural, Ria grew up in a family of four generations where Hatha yoga and natural remedies were a way of life. Passed on from her grandfather to her mother, yoga was introduced to Ria when she was 11 years old with the pranayama part of her morning routine by the time she was 15. Ayurveda – the ancient Indian health system based on the idea of balance and holistic healing – was part of her upbringing making it something she knew, had experienced and always believed in. Whether it was juicing for health, or using herbs for beauty and wellbeing, Ria has always been surrounded by it. Having been inspired by this holistic approach to beauty and living, Ria wanted to create a brand that nurtured you on the inside for a more glowing and beautiful outside and Fushi Wellbeing was born with its ethos very much echoing her own.

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