STIHL Compact Cordless Chainsaw

Now is a good time to think about creating a log pile for your woodburner or fire, ready for the cold blustery nights ahead. Large, heavy to use chainsaws are a thing of the past thanks to the new, lightweight STIHL Compact Cordless System chainsaw, perfect for pruning small branches around your garden or cutting logs for the fire. Perfectly balanced and weighing just 3.7kg (including battery), the MSA 120 C-BQ boasts a 1/4″ Picco chain and 30cm cutting bar, which provides powerful, precise and smooth cutting performance. The soft handle and ultra quiet battery power also mean you can comfortably work for extended periods with no ear defenders and without the worry of disturbing the neighbours.


The simple operating controls include a number of safety features. The hand guard must be released for the saw to operate, the quick-stop super chain brake significantly reduces the chain coasting time once the trigger is released and the battery’s neutral locking position means the chainsaw is safe to move and cannot be accidentally started in transit.

The MSA 120 C-BQ has a Quick Chain Tensioning system for tool-less and hassle-free tightening of the chain in just a few simple steps. Plus a handy eyelet makes it easy to hang the chainsaw on the wall, keeping it neatly stored and away from younger members of the family.

With a run time of up to 35 minutes, you can comfortably work uninterrupted with the chainsaw to prune several smaller trees in one go or cut enough firewood to replenish your log store.

The MSA 120 C-BQ chainsaw is just one product in the new STIHL Compact Cordless System, with a cordless leaf blower, hedge trimmer and grass trimmer completing the set.

Each tool is supplied with a charger and one of two long-lasting 36V Lithium-Ion batteries, with different energy capacities. For convenience and value, the batteries are compatible with all tools in the STIHL Compact Cordless System, so with one quick swap of the battery, a multitude of gardening tasks can be covered, making it perfect for those who want their garden to be less work and more play.

The new range boasts some of the features most loved by gardening professionals, who have trusted STIHL to deliver the best results for more than 90 years.

The STIHL Compact Cordless System is available exclusively from over 650 STIHL Approved Dealerships nationwide, with experts on hand to offer help and advice. Recommended retail price for the MSA 120 C-BQ starts from £249 including battery, charger and VAT.

Log Cutting Tips

Timing – plan to cut your firewood at least six months ahead of when you plan on burning it to allow for the maximum drying time; the drier the wood, the better the heat output will be from your stove or fire.

Cutting –try to avoid cutting through knots or branches as they will change the direction of the wood grain in the log and will make splitting more difficult. Cut the ends of the logs as flat and square as possible so they are easier to store and split. The size of the logs will depend on your fire, but it is worth noting that shorter logs are easier to split and will produce more heat.

Storing – it is important to have a space to store your logs properly as it can take up to six months for logs to dry. You can tell wood is ready as it will turn grey and hairline cracks will appear along the edges. Dry wood will also weigh less and make a higher-pitched sound when knocked together.

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