Swisscode Pure

Swisscode Pure is a selective serum range of 7 pure concentrates of the world’s leading skincare actives, which address specific skin needs. Two or three drops of the concentrate are to be applied to the face and neck before moisturizing. Each concentrate is specially formulated for a specific part of the face, or particular problem area, and can be combined with others to tackle multiple issues. These formulations are also ISO certified, therefore free from alcohol, parabens, and preservatives, in order to reduce the chance of skin irritation.

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Hyaluron: Delivers intense hydration

Kiribirth: Erases age spots for more youthful looking skin and age protection

Vitamin F Forte: Nourishes and replenishes moisture in dry, dehydrated skin

Genistein: Boosts collagen and firms the skin

MPC: Restores natural radiance and delivers intense firming

Repair Complex: Repairs damaged skin and delivers UV regeneration

Dynalift: Delivers a quick beauty boost and instant radiance when needed.

Swisscode Bionic

Swisscode Bionic are plant stem cells potent serum concentrates developed for maximum skincare protection and rejuvenation. Designed to use alongside Swisscode Bionic serums are produced to combat symptoms of ageing skin. The use of the cells was derived from the plant’s natural defense mechanism that protects them against environmental stress and limits harm.


Recovering Complex: Protects and strengthens stressed and sensitive skin

Age Control: Refining complex reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles

Radiant Elixir: Reduces the signs of aging on the neck and décolleté


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