Taylor’s 1966 Vintage Port

Taylors 19661966 is an outstanding Port vintage of exceptional quality and elegance. At the time it was overshadowed by the legendary 1963 vintage, but over time the 1966 has started to shine and it is now considered to be greater than the 63’s and recognized as being one of the very best post-war Vintage Ports.

Palmers Wine Store have been buying Taylors ports for many decades when the vintage is released. Palmers store them in temperature controlled bonded stores which hardly see the light of day until the Ports are perfect for drinking.

The 1966 has been slowly maturing for the past 50 years and has now reached its optimum peak for drinking. If anyone is celebrating a 50th birthday or anniversary this year, there is really no better gift.

Taylor’s 1966 Vintage Port is unmistakably elegant, firm and structured with perfect weight and balance with Taylor’s classic smooth style. The wine drips with crimson, violet, prunes, figs and candied cherry.

This vintage port is the perfect partner to an refined cheese board. Just add a group of friends for an unbeatable evening!

Available from www.palmerswinestore.com priced at £120 a bottle (including delivery).

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