Tazeka Aromatherapy Motivation

Clinical Aromatherapist Zena Hallam created Tazeka’s eye-catching roll-ons to target specific issues via the natural energy and historical healing qualities of essential oils. Growing up in South America, Zena learned from her mother about the power of herbal medicine, understanding that good quality aromatherapy impacts the mind via the olfactory system, so it’s an effective way to harmonise your health generally, raise your energy and, when blended in a customised way, address individual daily niggles like tension, tiredness, PMS and headaches. Zena has made aromatherapy as tailored as it can be and presented it in a truly modern way in bright, leak-free bottles with an easy roll-on applicator.

motivationLow spirits, lethargy and lack of initiative slowing you down? Roll on Motivation, regain your vitality, and get the energy to accomplish your dreams. It blends a dash of lime essential oil which helps break up stagnant energy on physical and psychological levels, and a hint of thyme, so emboldening that Roman soldiers used to bathe in it before heading off to battle. Motivation inspires the strength of will to tackle your to-do list, but it goes further than that. It helps to stir up the
stalled energy that slowed you down in the first place, and dispel listlessness.

Tazeka has just launched at www.myshowcase.com and is £25.50/8ml.

Tazeka Motivation








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  • Natural solution
  • Handy size to carry around
  • Lifts mood
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