Ted Baker Residence Home Fragrances

TB_Candle_NewYork_Group_LRThe Ted Baker Residence collection celebrates six of Ted Baker’s favourite cities around the world with each city embodied by a special scent available in a candle or reed diffuser.

Ted Baker says, “During a recent adventure around the globe, Ted brought back with him a taste of each of his favourite cities, crafting these stunning home fragrances as a reminder that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single scent.

Each fragrance tells a different story and is designed to take you on a unique journey across the World. The fragrances are:

  • London – Wild Rose & Leather
  • New York – Cedarwood & Vanilla
  • Tokyo – Green Tea & Bamboo
  • Athens – Fig & Olive Blossom
  • Miami – Star Apple & Passion Fruit
  • Sydney – Ocean Air & Sea Salt

The carefully crafted home fragrances are presented as bespoke candles and diffusers, each sculpted with its own design, all with Ted’s infamous attention to detail.

athens reed diffuserIn the SLOAN! office we love the Athens fragrance of Fig and Olive Blossom inspired by the Greek myth of Pygmalion.

“Having fashioned a beautiful woman from a flawless piece of ivory, gifted sculptor Pygmalion prayed to Aphrodite for a bride as perfect as his statue. The goddess of love granted his wish and Pygmalion and his bride spent their lives together surrounded by Olive Blossom and Greek Figs.”

These inspirational ingredients of Fig and Olive Blossom for the Athens fragrance celebrate a time when beauty truly was a labour of love.

Scented candles have been the preserve of stylish and sophisticated homes for quite some time however the more fashionable reed diffuser is now taking over as the preferred choice in most of our readers homes as it is the safest option for those with children or pets in addition to offering 24 hour fragrance leaving rooms smelling lovely all day every day.

The collection is available from John Lewis, House of Fraser and tedbaker.com with candles priced at £28 and reed diffusers £35.

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  • Handmade earthenware vessels
  • Intriguing scents

  • White reeds would have been more aesthetically pleasing
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