Ten Tantalising Food Finds

This month we have been received dozens of products from British and International food specialists and producers who were all keen to have their top food offerings sampled by SLOAN! Magazine. We have diligently eaten our way though a small mountain of food items and before we head to the gym and start a detox, we would like to share our top ten tantalising food finds with the discerning readers of SLOAN!

1. Lizi’s Low Sugar Granola

The SLOAN! team are constantly on the run and this breakfast kept our team’s hunger pains at bay. A low GI and high omega 3 breakfast is not only tasty but healthy to. Packed full of fruits nuts and seeds, but devoid of empty calories this cereal pairs as well with a healthy yogurt as it does a crunchy topping on a baked fruit dessert. Compared to other granolas that are full of honey and other sugars this one is a much healthier alternative as it only contains less than 4% sugar. No wonder Lizi’s Granola is known as the UK’s healthiest and most tasty breakfast cereal!

2. The Garlic Farm

Famous for their black garlic (a slow roasted sweet garlic that is genuinely black), The Garlic Farm produces a range of food products all based on Dracula’s least favourite food. The garlic farm recipe book is a great companion to the products, allowing you to use seasonal recipes all year long with this fabulous product that has a myriad of health benefits from anti inflammatory properties to lowering blood pressure, heart disease and cholesterol. It is a great antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral and with such unique products it is easy to supplement into your diet, although your friends might wish you hadn’t!

3. Mr Organic Tomato Ketchup

As a Heinz lover we were cynical about moving away from the nations favourite. However Mr Organic is not only processed five hours from harvesting but free from pesticides and harmful chemicals which allows the freshness to flow forth. We particularly liked the chilli ketchup and are looking forward to trying the authentic Italian sauces such as Basilico as we imagine them to be as delightful and fresh as the ketchup.

4. Chia Bia

Chia Bia may not have the yummy taste of a chocolate brownie or the luxury taste of smoked salmon, but it does have super healthy benefits making this product one to incorporate into your diary. As with most stressed people indigestion and heart burn can wreak havoc with your day, however Chia Bia’s hydrophilic properties relieve uncomfortable symptoms by absorbing excess stomach acid. Our reviewer said he noticed a decrease in Gaviscon and other ant acids whilst reviewing this product. He also commented on increased energy levels, perhaps as the Chia Bia was keeping him hydrated for longer. Long term used purports to improve concentration, balance blood sugar levels and create and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system as well as helping you lose weight. We cannot comment on these properties after such a short review but note them for you here.

5. Dell’Ugo Fresh Pasta

Dell’Ugo’s unique dried pasta is regarded as some of the best pasta found in Italy. We were able to sample the fresh spinach gnocchi and the chickpea fusilli. The pasta was very easy to prepare and cooked in minutes. The carnivores in the office prefered other types of pasta however the vegetarians were quick to ask for more.

6. Diamante Do Mar sea salt

We all know we should limit our salt intake however it makes food taste too good to give up completely. Organically harvested from clear Atlantic waters, this salt is perfect as a finishing salt or in cooking. It has a soft sweet crunchiness to it that pairs perfectly with fruits and salads as it does baked potatoes. A good staple for any cupboard.

7. Dorset Cereals Granola

With their No Dust Promise, Dorset Cereals produce top quality breakfast bowl options that have been a firm favourite with British shoppers for many years. We sampled their latest recipe of granolas – Seriously Nutty Granola and Seriously Oaty Granola. They are both yummy but our favourite was the nutty variety. The quality of these products stands out and although they are not particularly sweet each flavour has generous helping of products be it cranberries, nuts, seeds or other yummy goodness. The pureness of the cereal stands out and is great for any health conscious or wannabe health fanatic out there.

8. Amira Luxury Rice

This rice is used in Michelin star restaurants and is often referred to as a luxurious extra long grain rice. It claims to be fluffy and fragrant with a natural bite counter balanced with a delectable sweet softness. Although only amateur budding chefs we are happy to report our rice grains didn’t stick and although we served it plain a subtle nutty yet delicate flavour complemented our dish.

9. Chef’n Butter Maker

It’s always an interesting experience to get back to basics when it comes to food preparation. Not wanting to stand churning butter like an American Pioneer, we tried this butter maker which you shake for 2 minutes giving you plenty of time to perfect your mixologist moves. The butter looks reassuringly homemade and depending on your culinary pairing skills and if you are more Heston Blumenthal than Domestic Goddess, the butters produced can make or break a dish. Happy experimenting!

10. Beet It Sports Nutrition

Already a lover of James White products we were delighted to sample this nutrition bar. Much like marmite the results varied with people loving it or not. Beetroot has long held the title of super food  loaded with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants it is an  imperative item to have in your gym bag due to its fitness and health benefits. For variety it also comes in shots or as a longer drink mixed with 10% apple juice.

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