The Scholar & The Sourpuss

The Scholar & The Sourpuss

We have had a lot of feedback that although you our readers love the positivity of SLOAN! magazine that sometimes you just want a little rant or to hear a little rant about life, love and everything in between to allow you to get perspective and balance about another viewpoint that is not always so uplifting.

Here at SLOAN! we have taken this feedback on board, and have a new addition coming this January to compliment the SLOAN! team, our experts and the adorable Puppy Gizmo…

…who loves life and all things luxury. Our aim is to  provide an alternative viewpoint on current news, entertainment, life observations and the latest happenings with our resident office Persian cat – Mr Sourpuss! As with all good Persian cats from that depicted by Ben Jetts Illustration of the James Bond villain Blofeld and his fabulous Persian cat…

to Mr Tinkles the white Persian cat from Cats and Dogs who plans to conquer the world…

.. .our very own Mr Sourpuss has an opinion on most matters. He is not pessimistic, gloomy or depressed like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh..

csekeklari / Pixabay

He is more a realist, with a touch of narcissistic flair, a slightly catty attitude (no pun intended!) yet intellectually insightful. He doesn’t hold back any punches and he has agreed to share his views via us here at SLOAN! To balance his view point he will be kept on a tight leash by a nominated scholar per post to maintain a balanced view. Mr Sourpuss has assured us he is not attempting to be the next Catty Hopkins or Perez Hiltomcat!

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