Theradome Supports Breast Cancer Now

The future of helping women to deal with hair loss is here and it’s now available in pink. Theradome GB, the UK distributor of the Theradome LH80 Pro Laser Helmet have launched a Limited Edition pink version with a donation from the sale of each going to Breast Cancer Now who run the Wear It Pink campaign.

Theradome Limited Edition Pink Laser HelmetSally-Ann Tarver, managing director at Theradome GB and former president of The Trichological Society, says: ‘As a Trichologist and wig fitter, all I can do for ladies haveing chemotherapy treatment for cancer, is help them to look and feel as normal as possible while they undergo treatment. I hope to do much more in raising money to help with breast cancer research through the sale of the pink Theradomes.’


The Theradome laser helmet was developed by a former NASA Biomedical engineer, Tamim Hamid, who himself suffered from thinning hair. FDA cleared for the treatment of hair thinning in women; Theradome has 80 custommade phototherapy lasers to flood the scalp, similar to a clinical laser therapy machine and totally portable.


Laser Phototherapy works by flooding the scalp with light at a specific wavelength and power to increase blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle. The lasers penetrate the hair shaft to repair the damaged tissue that can lead to hairloss, it reawakens dormant hair follicles and makes existing follicles bigger, to stop hair falling out. For optimum results it should be worn 20 minutes two-four times a week. Hair Expert SallyAnn Tarver, says: ‘Throughout our ageing process not only do we have less hair actively growing, our existing hair becomes finer too. This is where Laser Phototherapy really comes into its own and may restore hair diameter to its pre-ageing state.’


Users of home based Laser Phototherapy systems are seeing results after two or three months and are finding they have more manageablehair with more volume, and less hair falling out in the shower. Sally explains:

THREE TO SIX MONTHS ‘Hair is thicker and longer, a healthier scalp is achieved with reduced scalp itching and inflammation, and those with curly hair are experiencing enhanced curl retention as their new hair growth becomes longer.’

AFTER SIX MONTHS ‘Density of hair at the top of the head improves due to the stimulation of available dormant hair follicles, the reduction in hair loss and the increase length of new hair growth, and after 12 months users are experiencing fuller and thicker hair altogether.’

Theradome Limited Edition Pink Helmet costs £649.00. Ladies purchasing the laser hair therapy helmet also benefit from the Trichologist led UK customer service for advice and guidance on hair loss. The Pink Theradome can be purchased from or on 0333 344 0032 from Mid September and throughout October.

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