TIANA Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

TIANA Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is an essential moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin and it is the purest multi-functional coconut oil with high moisturising properties that naturally soothes the skin giving a radiant complexion. This luxurious virgin coconut oil replenishes vital moisture levels leaving skin supple, clear and silky smooth. It is suitable for dry, mature, sensitive, delicate skin as well as for problem skin due to its high content of Lauric acid.

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It can be applied to sunburnt skin to reduce inflammation and moisturise the skin.

For men it is great to apply after shaving to control skin irritation.

This is a family favourite product that is even suitable for babies. It’s a must have product to be kept in the bathroom cabinet for all the family to use.

Its unbeatable price in a 100ml jar gives double the size of most other cream products on the market, making it very cost effective.

TIANA Fair Trade Organics is the only beauty range with 100% organic and fairtrade ingredients available. They are ‘Free From’ parabens and are chemical free. This range contains no dairy, wheat, gluten, sodium, yeast or preservatives; they are also suitable for vegans and vegetarians. No animal testing has been carried out and no animal extracts have been used making it cruelty free. The range is environmentally friendly and packed in recyclable jars.

The oil that is used for the TIANA Fair Trade Organics products is different to the food grade. It is especially produced with Virgin Coconut Oil containing no coconut aroma but with extra moisturising properties and high content of anti-oxidants.

All TIANA products come with a cast-iron guarantee that they contain only 100% organic and fair trade certified ingredients. TIANA is committed to organic, fair trade and sustainable agriculture methods to ensure a reliable supply chain from coconut farmer to consumer. By buying TIANA Fair Trade Certified products you will be contributing to the TIANA Fair Trade Project, which has been helping coconut farmers’ communities and local economies achieve a better standard of life in the Philippines since 2009.

TIANA Beauty Sensations are available from Holland & Barrett, all good independent stores and online at www.tiana-coconut.com

TIANA Pure Virgin Coconut Oil












  • The only beauty range with 100% organic and fairtrade ingredients

  • No coconut aroma
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