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Individuals and couples in search of the perfect night’s sleep in their own homes now have the opportunity to purchase the finest linen at a highly competitive price with the launch of www.tielleloveluxury.co.uk. The tielle love luxury retail website offers an extensive range of luxurious linen products, each tried and tested by the world’s leading 5-star hotels.

For the first time, tielle love luxury products are available to shoppers so they can enjoy the very same quality linen and towelling products road-tested by the finest hotels such as The Connaught and Firmdale Group through to boutique B&Bs such as Nonsuch House.

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The tielle love luxury range includes an extensive selection of products, each geared to offer a balance between luxury and resilience. Bedroom items such as duvets, pillows, sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases to bathroom products including robes, towels and bath rugs are all available on the website.

www.tielleloveluxury.co.uk, inspired by renowned linen company, Tradelinens, was launched as the company continues to receive a huge number of purchase enquiries and demand by guests who have experienced the quality of tielle love luxury products at premium hotels around the world.

As well as offering a new premium level of product, www.tielleloveluxury.co.uk has also been carefully created to be the go-to hub for clear, expert advice on both purchasing and caring for your linen. The team behind www.tielleloveluxury.co.uk is led by the same team that has serviced hoteliers and housekeepers on linen around the world for over 30 years.

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Joe Molloy, Founding Director at Tradelinens, said: “It’s been a long-held ambition of ours to give shoppers the chance to purchase the same quality linen used by the finest hotels and we’re delighted to now be offering it.

“As well as premium products at a highly competitive price, we also want to shake things up a little by dispelling the myths around purchasing linen and offering the very best, personalised buying advice and guidance.

“All our customers are united by the desire for a superior night’s sleep and we want to help them achieve it!”

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