Tom Cridland

Tom Cridland is an international sustainable fashion brand with customers on all five continents, known for producing luxury clothing in unique colours.

041215_TomCridland_002Tom has been designing clothing since the age of 18, when he sold nearly £3,000 worth of “SWINE 09” t-shirts in a single week of school and donated all the profits to Médecins Sans Frontières.

In January 2014, aged 23, he founded Tom Cridland, specialising solely in creating the perfect pair of trousers. He quickly built a vertical luxury menswear brand that specialises in quality over quantity. Tom believes that retail markups are inefficient and unfair on the customer, who ends up paying higher prices for no reason.

Tom founded his eponymous menswear brand upon the simple principle of making truly luxurious clothing and selling it direct to customer online.

Tom Cridland trousers have quickly become well known from London to Los Angeles and have been worn by celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Grant, Stephen Fry, and Daniel Craig. Tom Cridland have also made clothes for many other distinguished men, including Ben Stiller, Jeremy Piven, Rod Stewart, Nigel Olsson, Brandon Flowers, Robbie Williams, Nile Rodgers, Michael Portillo, Stephen Merchant and Frankie Valli.

This year, Tom launched The 30 Year Sweatshirt, a sustainable fashion project in the form of a premium organic cotton crewneck backed up with a 30 Year Guarantee. This was acclaimed in press and television coverage and Tom continued this momentum by launching The 30 Year T-Shirt immediately afterwards.

2015 also saw word spread internationally about the Tom Cridland brand and the 30 Year projects, with coverage in the global media from Australia to India. Tom was also invited to write regularly for The Huffington Post and now has his own column on the website.

2016 has begun with the opening of the first ever Tom Cridland pop-up shop, which was located on the iconic King’s Road in London throughout January and February.

Tom Cridland’s “buy less, buy better” philosophy has also been causing a stir in the United States ahead of the brand’s official U.S. hard launch in New York and Los Angeles in March and April.

Tom Cridland are passionate about building a brand slowly, working up to a full line but working on every product meticulously before launching it. The 30 Year Jacket is the latest item to be launched.

It’s ok to pay for luxury, just don’t pay too much.

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