Tone Tee

Tone Tee is a new male shape wear garment which claims to instantly slim down men with large tummies, back fat and love handles. It certainly is very tight and held back some flabbiness which was great but we didn’t experience the extreme level of slimness as shown on their press release.

Tone Tee says:

“Perfect for men who are looking to improve their physique and look better in their clothing, Tone Tee’s range of t-shirt and vest-style fit-wear offers instantly slimming and toning results to those sporting plump paunches and middle-age moobs; delivering all-round comfort, compression and confidence.”

“Tone Tee’s specially-designed 360 degree Tone Technology provides precision core stabilising pressure panels within stretchable, premium fabric to target stubborn problem areas for men, such as love handles, beer bellies, back fat and sagging pecs, leaving nothing behind but a smooth and sleek silhouette.”

We preferred the t-shirt version to the vest as it controlled the upper arms but both versions made a difference to reduce the appearance of fat and flabby areas.

SLOAN! recommends this product for men who either want to look slimmer for a special occasion or those who are losing weight but need the extra confidence of looking thinner while on their slimming journey. We can’t recommend it for those who are very overweight or have big bellies as we didn’t find it effective in these cases.

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User Experience


Value For Money


SLOAN! Factor


  • Useful to keep flab under control

  • Not very effective for larger men
  • The model on the press release looks like he's sticking out his tummy in the Before photo
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