TOWIE’s Jess Wright opens up about her problem skin

Over the last few years, TOWIE beauty Jess Wright has struggled with very bad dry skin – mainly on her face which has really knocked her confidence – especially when starring in reality TV show, The Only Way Is Essex on ITVBe. Now she has left the BAFTA award-winning show, Jess Wright is not only focusing on an acting career but has been announced as an ambassador for Cetraben, a range of skin products designed to manage dry and eczema-prone skin.

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As recently as the last series of TOWIE,  Jess Wright’s dry skin problems flared up so badly on her face that it affected the camera angles they used for her during filming. But now TOWIE is not the only thing Jess Wright has left behind in the past… her dry skin problems are now a distant memory thanks to Cetraben.

LR SWS_Jess_Wright_Cetraben_288Jess Wright answered this Q&A below about her dry problematic skin, how it has affected her life and the pressures she faces being in the public eye. Here’s what she had to say…

When did you first suffer with dry, problematic skin?

I think most people suffer with dry skin at some point in their lives but it has only been in the last few years that I have started to experience very dry skin, particularly in the winter.

Where have you suffered with problematic skin? Where do you get flare ups?

I mostly get very dry skin in patches on my face, it usually gets worse in the cold when the weather is harsh. It has made me so sympathetic to people who suffer with eczema, now I understand how much it can affect you. Having problematic skin completely takes over your life, you constantly worry about it and try to cover it up.

Does anyone else in your family suffer with skin problems?

My best friend has had eczema her whole life, I feel so bad for her. It’s only when you suffer with problematic skin yourself that you can really sympathise with others that struggle with it.

LR SWS_Jess_Wright_Cetraben_547What treatments have you tried to manage your skin flare ups?

I think having a good diet and drinking water really helps my skin. If I’m away on holiday and have a binge that’s when it might flare up so I try to be as healthy as I can. It’s really important for me to use the right products to help it feel better too.

Do you have a skin treatment routine to deal with flare ups?

I try not to used fragranced moisturisers on my face as that can flare it up. Emollient creams such as Cetraben really help to hydrate and soothe my skin when it’s dry.

What does it feel like to live with skin problems?

It just makes you feel horrible; it affects you massively because it’s always on show. It doesn’t look pretty and it gets you down.

How has your skin condition affected your work?

It’s really difficult. In the last series on TOWIE I got to the point where I couldn’t cover it on my forehead. I even asked the camera man to put me on a specific side so that it wasn’t visible in the show.

LR SWS_Jess_Wright_Cetraben_386Do you feel pressure to always look your best?

You are constantly worrying what you look like when you have problematic skin and it takes over your life. The minute I get pictured by the paparazzi I worry about it, especially when I got to the point where I couldn’t even cover it with make-up.

What advice would you give to other sufferers of eczema and problematic skin?

I would recommend that anyone struggling with their skin seeks good healthy options and treatments for it, nip it in the bud in the early stages if possible.

Now that you’ve left TOWIE what projects have you got lined up?

At the moment I’m just working hard to get what I want, presenting and acting. I have been out in LA recently having meetings to try and work towards what I love and what I love to do. I’m really excited!

Jess Wright is working with Cetraben to help people with problematic skin feel more comfortable with their skin and confident in looking after it. For further information, please visit

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