Trevor Sorbie Rejuvenate Range

Caring for fine or thinning hair can be frustrating enough but add in the effects of too much fun in the sun and you can be facing brittle and frizzy locks, plagued by split ends. But fear not, the Trevor Sorbie Rejuvenate Range is the perfect remedy.

The Rejuvenate Range is specifically designed for those with extra fine and thinning hair – helping to repair, moisturise and strengthen the hair cuticle.

Fine hair can often look limp and lack volume, effects which are heightened when hair is also dry and damaged. The Rejuvenate Range works to nourish, condition and style your hair so that natural strength and shine is restored.

The team at Trevor Sorbie have taken well-known, effective ingredients used in skincare and applied them to the formulations in their products. Collasurge, more commonly known as Collagen, traditionally promotes skin flexibility, and works in the same way when applied to the hair, improving the body,texture and manageability of the hair. Collagen is combined with Keramimic 2.0, a deeply conditioning ingredient that provides targeted repair to the most damaged areas of the hair’s surface. These unique and complex formulations work to repair the hair, restoring its vitality and youth.

The Trevor Sorbie Salon Approved Rejuvenate Range is available from Boots stores nationwide.

The Range

Rejuvenate_Shampoo_CORejuvenate Gentle Shampoo (£7.99, 250ml) – provides weightless cleansing, and deeply hydrates the hair whilst restoring volume – the perfect Shampoo for damaged post-holiday hair.

Rejuvenate Lightweight Conditioner (£7.99, 250ml) – provides deep nourishment and restores fullness to extra fine or thinning hair – leave it on for 5 minutes for a more intensive treatment.

Rejuvenate Strengthening Treatment (£8.99, 150ml) – a great product to use whilst your hair is desperate for moisture. It works to repair damaged hair cuticles and also helps to restore dry ends. For extra TLC, after applying the treatment to damp hair, wrap in a warm towel to increase absorption
before rinsing thoroughly.

Rejuvenate Scalp Serum (£9.99, 70ml) – improving the health of your scalp will in turn help to improve the hair quality and condition. This intense leave-in treatment has been formulated to calm, relax and soothe a taut scalp and support hair growth.

Rejuvenate Superlight Oil (£9.99, 70ml) – this lightweight formula oil is enriched with a Collagen and Peptide complex combined with a blend of Argan Oil. It helps to control frizz and diminish damage without leaving hair feeling heavy, greasy or weighed down.

Trevor Sorbie Rejuvenate Range






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