Trion:Z is an innovative and unusual magnetic therapy wristband which helps banish aches and pains. In clinical trials over the course of a month, participants wearing Trion:Z noted a 24.5% decrease in pain, a 21% decrease in stiffness and a 15.3% increase in ease of function and range of movement. Wearing the bracelet is said to improve mobility, performance and flexibility whilst reducing the risk of pain and injury which will contribute to overall improved wellbeing.

Trion:Z is the only sports wristband to have a Class 1 Medical approval in Japan and recognition and a Class 1 CE mark. James Anderson, the England cricketer and most successful bowler of all time has said: “I believe Trion:Z is part of my success!”

Magnetic therapy is believed to work by increasing blood flow to all areas of the body. The increased blood flow provides a higher level of anti-inflammatory white blood cells to the pain-affected area. The blood also has higher density of oxygen saturation and removes toxins more readily from the damaged tissue which reduces pain and makes the healing process more efficent.

After using the Trion:Z wristband for 4 weeks, SLOAN! can report that our case study who suffers from rheumatism reported feeling less stiff and found it easier to climb stairs. Pain was also reduced although there were flare-ups occasionally.

The SLOAN! Review






User Experience


Value For Money


The SLOAN! Factor


  • Attractive design
  • Reduces pain and stiffness
  • Suitable for sports users
  • No additional costs

  • Pain flare-ups still occur
  • Not suitable for instant pain relief
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