Tsukiji Sushi Restaurant

Nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of Conduit Street lies the elegant Tsukiji Sushi Restaurant is a perfect fusion of Japanese cuisine and Mayfair spirit. One of Mayfair’s best kept secrets offering the most innovative sushi and sashimi London has to offer, the destination of Tsukiji reflects the exclusivity of the venue where distinguished diners can go undisturbed and unnoticed whilst enjoying dishes made with the most elusive and fresh ingredients from all over the world.

In terms of décor and architecture, the restaurant effortlessly combines Japanese influences with a modern London look through the use of natural materials. The red wood interior of this sleek and airy Mayfair restaurant conjures up aspects of Japanese culture and philosophy.


Tsukiji’s success lies in the talented hands of Malaysian Head Chef Show Choong who began his career in Malaysia where he studied the art of Japanese cuisine. Having then resolved to pursue his passion on international soil, he moved to London where he has been fine-tuning and mastering his skills in fusion cooking for the past two decades. Choong has worked in intimate, yet no less impressive kitchens such as Chelsea’s Azuka, the Seti-Tai and Yan-Baru in Marylebone. He is known for his positive approach to reinventing traditional dishes with healthy, flavour-filled organic ingredients, renewing his menu each season.

Arriving at The Westbury Hotel, we made our way to Tsukiji Sushi Restaurant and looked forward to the contemporary Japanese tasting menu that awaited us. To begin, we started with cocktails and a mushroom dish…

Tsukiji 101

Head Chef Show Choong creates exquisite and inventive dishes made with the most elusive and fresh ingredients from all over the globe. Show Choong takes a positive approach to reinventing traditional dishes with healthy, flavour-filled organic ingredients. We enjoyed a series of gastronomic delights fron Chef Choong’s tasting menu including Harumaki – a style of spring roll containing king prawn, squid, octopus, cucumber and coriander wrapped in rice paper, served with spicy yuzu ponzu.

Tsukiji 102

This was accompanied by Tataki – seared fatty tuna  sashimi with a citrus soy sauce

Tsukiji 103

We also sampled the Tako Geso Marinade – pieces of octopus, tentacles and head in a chilli, garlic and ponzu marinade

Tsukiji 104

Check out the thoughtful presentation of this oyster dish served with Yuzu Ponzu, Salsa and Kanzuri Sauce

Tsukiji 105

Joining the tasting feast was modern maki rolls with seared tuna belly and cream cheese

Tsukiji 106

The beautifully presented selection of nigiri was a delight to the eye… and the palate!

Tsukiji 107

As our tasting experience wound its way towards its conclusion, the final dish we tried was Tsukiji’s Black Cod marinated in sweet miso sauce.

Tsukiji 108

And to end the delicious meal, dessert came in the form of a refreshing ball of sorbet, again beautifully presented in true contemporary Japanese style.

Tsukiji 109

Tsukiji presents exquisite innovative sushi in a chic atmosphere with exceptional service from Restaurant Manager Damir Lipa and his small yet efficient team. Damir is said to have been a key figure in the launching of Tsukiji in August 2010. Friendly and familiar, Damir offers guests an exceptional level of service with attention to fine detail and together with the creative imagination of Head Chef Choong and his impeccable culinary talent, it is no surprise Tsukiji has enjoyed such tremendous success with regulars returning time and time again.

Tsukiji Sushi Restaurant is a hidden haven of sushi goodness in the heart of Mayfair and once discovered can never be forgotten.

Tsukiji Sushi Restaurant
The Westbury Hotel, Bond Street, London W1S 2YF
0208 382 5066

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