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Types of Coverage Offered

If you would like to send the product or book in a hospitality review in to be possibly included online or in SLOAN! do contact us directly making sure to provide the following:

A 50-100 word pitch with product/service description, price and stockists if applicable

If we have told you that we would be more than happy to see if it is a good fit with a view to online coverage or inclusion in SLOAN!, then you will be asked to fill out a short form which includes full press release and images. Forms can be found on the PR Portal.

On completion of the relevant form you will eligible for one or a combination of the following types of coverage:  1. A Tweet or Instagram post 2. Inclusion in product round up 3. Product placement in a photo story 4. Product review OR 5. Inclusion in the magazine.

1. A Tweet or Instagram post

2. Inclusion in product round up

E.g. La Martina or Prada Sunglasses as seen in

3. Gift Guide Example – Food Gifts

E.g. Alfa Romeo Spider in

4. Product/Restaurant review

E.g. The Balcon in or Sixpad


5. Inclusion in the magazine

E.g. Latest issue –

Please note:

The decision to provide a product with coverage from either of the sections 1-4 and the amount of coverage is based on the quality of the product, the price of the product and whether we were provided with a loan sample or non returnable sample. For clarity, type of online coverage is firstly based on quality independent of price, however the value of non-returnable samples will be taken into consideration to give what we consider fair online coverage for non-returnable samples sent in of different values. We have categorised the system from category A-C. You can see our sample policy here. All loan samples sent in will be categorised as a Category A product independent of price and likely to incur a sponsored content fee.  If a single product is of low value but sent as part of a pack, the pack price will be taken into consideration.

Inclusion in SLOAN! is based on quality and suitability for planned features. We offer at least one or a combination of the above types of coverage listed 1-5 for items we have called in but not for unsolicited products. Please make sure you contact us before sending items and have a request via e-mail for your product with the delivery address. We do not call in samples over the phone.

It is our aim to put any online coverage up with relevant pieces and on our SLAON! features with a view to the best fitting products being included in a future edition of SLOAN! if applicable which would replace online coverage.

Competition Prizes

With respect to competition prizes, there is a placement fee but this is waived at editor’s discretion or if the prize value exceeds our suggested MPV.

Sponsored Posts

If you wish to receive more coverage for your product than we have allotted, we do accept requests for sponsored posts. We regret we cannot accept all requests. Please feel free to apply for a bespoke quote via our Sponsored Content Enquiry Form.

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