Ultherapy: The SLOAN! Review

That jaw line is not quite as tight as it could be and it is a real age give away even if the rest of you is looking good. Not quite ready for a face lift or indeed able to find the three weeks down time, then Ultherapy is a great alternative.

It was with some trepidation that I went to visit Lee Garrett – Harley Street’s leading Skin Guru. I had read up about Ultherapy and had heard it was quite painful. When I met Lee he was very professional and put me at my ease. I was impressed that Lee insisted that he needed to do an initial consultation – he never treats on the day and that is a sign of a professional practitioner. Lee looked at my medical history and then explained that Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to heat targeted tissue under the surface of the skin, stimulating  the natural production of collagen. It does this at two levels, on the connective tissue in the skin and the deeper muscle layer under the skin. Ultherapy uses the body’s natural healing processes, which is why you will not see the full results for three months. Lee described Ultherapy as having the same effect as putting a hot iron on silk and making the silk shrink, which immediately made sense to me. Lee was very open about the number of procedures he had done and his passion and training for this treatment. He showed me a short slide show to explain the procedure thoroughly, and also discussed if I would like some valium to help relax me and some pain relief prior to my Ultherapy.

Lee certainly has done his research and only uses state of the art equipment so that his patients have the best possible treatment and outcome.  The equipment is important as inferior equipment does not produce such a great result and could be painful. As with any procedure it is important to find an experienced practitioner who has researched the procedure and understands the results that can be obtained. Lee’s clinic is registered with the Care Quality Commission, which regulates standards of healthcare.

Three weeks later and I was back in Lee’s clinic – Lee is very popular and I had had to wait for my Ultherapy appointment! I had been asked to arrive an hour before my appointment to sign a consent form and have a valium (10mgs) and 2 co-dydramol tablets. Lee administered the medication personally, carefully checking if I had any allergies. I was then made comfortable, offered a drink (non alcoholic of course) and waited for the medication to take effect before being call into Lee’s clinic room.

Again Lee immediately put me at my ease and made me feel confident that he would take care of me. Lee started by taking some ‘before’ photos. He won’t treat patients who refuse to be photographed, as it is important to record the treatment results. I had my lower face and upper neck treated but you can also have:

  • Upper Face: Includes lower eyes, upper eyes and crow’s feet
  • Neck
  • Lower Face and Neck
  • Full Face
  • Decolletage

Lee started by marking out the treatment areas on my face into 3 sections on each side with a surgical skin pencil so that he could accurately treat the areas of my face. Two different ultrasound heads are used – one for the connective tissue and one for the deeper muscle layer in the skin as Ultherapy is a very precise treatment accurately targeting treatment areas beneath the skin.

Lee applied an ultrasound gel to my face and started with the deeper muscle layer, as this can be the most uncomfortable. The sensation is strange, I could best describe it as having a small electric current run across my face in the area being treated. It does get a little warm and the most uncomfortable treatment area was the cheek bone and jaw line. Lee was very encouraging and supported me throughout the procedure by explaining what he was doing next and how many more ultrasound ‘zaps’ I needed in a particular treatment area. Once or twice I pushed back into the chair but that was it. The second wand which treats the connective tissue is a doddle by comparison! Lee said the left side of my face would be slightly more uncomfortable to treat due to the way the brain works – it was, but certainly not unbearable. I was in the chair for about 45 minutes, and it was over quickly with Lee’s great bed side manner and encouragement. More photos – already my chin looked lifted, my neck slightly firmer and there was more definition around my jaw line.

After the valium I didn’t go back to work but did manage a bit of shopping! The next day my face was a bit puffy and slightly pink. A good foundation soon sorted it out and no one noticed. Two days later I had some mild yellow bruising across my cheeks and under my chin which again was easily covered with foundation. The bruising lasted just under a week, and my face felt a little tender for a couple of weeks but only when I touched it.

The results so far have been amazing – my skin looks fresh and glowing, the lines on my lower face when I smile have miraculously disappeared and my jaw line definitely looks firmer. As the treatment relies on the body’s healing processes, I will not see the full results of treatment for three months. Lee will see me then for more ‘after’ photos to look at the final results – can’t wait – it can only get better as the treatment area continues to lift. Oh! and would I do it again? Absolutely!

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