Ultherapy – Exclusive New Treatment by Celebrity Skin Guru Lee Garrett

Lee Garrett is one of the UK’s leading skin experts and is the secret behind many A-list celebrities’ flawless complexions. Lee’s aesthetics eye is flawless and coupled with his understanding of the skin and his bespoke treatment have made him one of the most renowned and well respected in the industry.

Harley Street’s leading celebrity skin guru Lee Garrett has launched an exclusive new treatment in his clinic, Ultherapy. Described as the future in anti-ageing treatments, Ultherapy’s technology is unlike any other medical device on the market. It uses ultrasound technology and is the one and only FDA approved non-invasive lift. It’s surgical precision is second to none; it uses a high frequency focus ultrasound device to treat underneath the skin to the very deep layers where only to now plastic surgeons could reach. This is pain-free and non-invasive; it also gives your practitioner an accurate reading of the area that you want to treat for your precision lift.

To treat the skin, Ultherapy has three unique advantages; depth, temperature and precision. Ultherapy’s depth advantage is localized heating at precise depths, which treats much deeper than lasers and radio frequency. Ultherapy’s temperature helps encourage collagen and it’s precision helps repair the skin.

The science of aesthetics has evolved to ultrasound; Ultherapy is the future in non-surgical facelifts and skins texture. It’s micro-focused ultrasound treats the same deep tissue planes as a modern facelift with the need to cut the skin. Ultherapy has no patient downtime so it can be done during your lunch break and results can be seen in three months lasting up to two years.

Ultherapy is the only non-invasive anti-ageing procedure that lifts skin on the décolletage, face, neck, chin and brow. It can also do an all over skin improvement and in the future Ultherapy will be able to treat arms and the abdomen with no recovery time. It’s also the only FDA approved treatment that improves lines and wrinkles on the décolletage.

With a 1,187% growth of non-surgical cosmetic procedures and an 84% rise in non-surgical procedures on the face, Ultherapy is the future. Speaking about his new treatment, Lee Garrett commented, “This is the future for anti-ageing treatments, Ultherapy is FDA approved and the revamped transducers gives a painless treatment. This allows me to give precise and safe treatments with outstanding results for the eyes, neck, jowls and now the décolletage.”

For more information and prices, please visit www.leegarrett.net. Lee Garrett is based at FreedomHealthSKIN, 60 Harley Street, London, W1G 7HA.

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