Use of Hashtags on Social Media

Terms & Conditions

Due to the overwhelming response from dozens of PR agencies and numerous brands who approach us to feature on our social media, SLOAN! magazine has made the following changes to our disclosure policy regarding collaboration with companies. it’s not that we are charging for all Instagrams but it has been brought to our attention that good practice would be to include the word #ad or the likes even when no money or gift changes hands, i.e even if only the picture was supplied by you.

We will put either

“#ad” – on it’s own to disclose payment has been made or you have gifted us the product or we have worked together before but no exchange of gifts or money has been made.

“#spon” – refers to the fact that it is sponsored by your brand but we did not receive the product

“#brandcollaboration #ad” – denoted that we have a working relationship with you on this matter or a previous matter and even if no money changed hands we still feel it our duty to disclose we have worked together

“#paidpartnership” – which means we were paid to partner up and have agreed terms to work in this fashion over #ad or #spon

“#promotion” – means we have agreed to promote the brand but does not necessarily infer that we have received a gift or monetary benefit. It will infer that there is a working relationship between the parties namely the PR who may have offered assistance when constructing the caption and hashtags to match their branding.

“#gifted-ad-to-brand #ad” – which means here at SLOAN! we gifted the brand coverage for no monetary compensation with respect to Instagram but that we have worked with the brand or the PR before and as such may have received products, unsolicited products or press invitations  and as such feel it correct to disclose in this fashion. Please note products often get donated to charity and as such are not a deciding factor in gifting the ad but a relationship still may exist.

We intend to use these interchangeably to avoid any repetitive # usage.

Products sent in to the magazine or given at press events will be processed as given to the magazine or respective journalist but not as given for the purposes of social media (unless specifically marked for social media) but should still be noted as #ad if we have a business relationship.

When in doubt we will put #ad as of 1st November 2017 as we would rather be complete. If you or your brand have an issue with this then please let us know before posting the social media.