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While we should welcome the end of winter with open arms – for one in four Brits, spring means nothing but a runny nose, watery eyes and lots of itches! Spring causes hay-fever hell for many! Plus, thanks to a rain-heavy winter, experts are predicting a particularly severe Spring pollen season. Unfortunately, over the counter antihistamines can often leave people feeling drowsy, nauseous and worse off. However, there is a natural solution – Vertese Berry C Complex contains 100% naturally occurring antihistamine.


Allergic reactions to pollen can be easily prevented by increasing the intake of vitamin C, a natural antihistamine found in Vertese Berry C Complex. Berries are packed with vitamin C and other nutrients that support the immune system making them a good choice for the sneezing system.

Vitamin C works by destroying the molecular structure of histamine, thereby decreasing the amount of histamine in the blood. The absorption of Vitamin C is highly dependent on the amount ingested. It is recommended that more than 500mg per day be consumed to achieve tissue saturation. Vertese Berry C Complex contains 500mg of Vitamin C from acerola cherry and fruit extracts and is registered and approved by the Vegan Society.

Research published in the European Respiratory Journal (2010) found that ingesting fruits high in Vitamin C also helped to reduce asthma symptoms. Moreover, research by Kompauer et al (2007) found evidence to support the role of Vitamin C supplementation in adults who suffered from allergic rhinitis.

It has also been suggested that taking bioflavonoids alongside Vitamin C enhances the action of this vitamin, which means that allergy relief symptoms will be even greater. Bioflavonoids can be added to a supplement form of Vitamin C and are also found in rose hips. Vertese Berry C Complex includes both and is therefore the perfect antidote to those spring sniffles.

Vertese Berry C Complex is available at, RRP £10.99

Vertese Berry C Complex








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  • Vegan friendly
  • Contains 100% naturally occurring antihistamine
  • Supports immune system
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