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Perfectil Platinum is the most advanced supplement of its kind, taking the science of beauty to the next level. Its specialist formula comprises of specialist bio-active nutrients which have a proven role in minimising the signs of ageing.

Perfectil Platinum protects ageing skin

Perfectil Platinum works synergistically to regenerate, refine and protect ageing skin with nutrients such as high-grade marine collagen, pine bark extract, black currant seed oil, lycopene and alpha-lipoic acid. Each of its ingredients have been thoroughly researched and tested to provide the most advanced time defying formulation available.

Perfectil Platinum contains regenerating collagen complex

The advanced bio-marine complex contained in Perfectil Platinum provides specific marine proteoglycans, which studies have shown can help maintain skin thickness, elasticity and protect against the damaging effects of photo ageing. Proteoglycans influence the arrangement of collagen fibres and hence the strength of the lower dermal layer of the skin. The bio-marine collagen complex also provides essential amino acids, key building blocks of skin collagen. Collagen proteins are unique in that they contain the two amino acids hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine not found in other proteins.


What the experts say about Perfectil Platinum

Anita Ellis, Registered Nutritionist and Beauty Expert commented, “To help protect against premature ageing of the skin I always ensure that my clients’ antioxidant intakes are high. Vitabiotics Perfectil Platinum supplies a high quality rich supply of antioxidant rich Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPCs). These have the greatest antioxidant effects against free radical damage. Plus it contains the nutrient marine collagen, which contains collagen proteoglycans, which encourages thickening of the skin and protects against lines and photo ageing, as well as supplying many other anti ageing nutrients which protect against the ageing signs, loss of collagen, dryness and skin pigmentation. Treating the skin from the inside with Perfectil Platinum supplies the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy body and skin which all work in synergy to defy ageing and keep the skin looking firmer, soft and youthful.”

Perfectil Platinum firms and smoothes skin

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight generates free radicals which can damage skin cells, including their genetic structure (DNA). The antioxidants in Perfectil Platinum help to protect skin cells and dermal proteins including collagen and elastin, helping to keep skin firm and smooth. Nutrients such as vitamin C and E, grape seed, green tea and pine bark extracts work synergistically to help neutralise free radicals.

Enhanced protection against sun induced damage, is provided by the inclusion of lycopene, the red carotenoid found in tomatoes, which is a powerful antioxidant. The specialist formulation also contains black currant seed oil, the plant world’s richest known natural souce of Omega-3 and Omega-6. These essential fatty acids help to keep skin supple and toned. 87% of trial participants experiencing a dull complexion noticed an improvement after taking Perfectil Platinum.

Perfectil Platinum has specific nutrients for healthy skin

Maintenance of a healthy dermal circulation is important in ensuring that skin cells receive an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrients. Specific nutrients in Perfectil Platinum including those present in grape seed extract and pine bark extract can play an important role in helping to support a healthy blood flow by influencing the process involved in blood vessel relaxation. These nutrients also facilitate the production of the intracellular matrix that binds and fills the spaces between cells helping to maintain healthy and smooth looking skin. In fact, a recent consumer trial found that 82% of participants suffering from dry skin, and 88% of those with oily skin noticed an improvement after taking Perfectil Platinum for 3 months.

Perfectil Platinum is also a complete multivitamin

Perfectil Platinum’s specialist formula provides a cross-section of vitamins and minerals to help maintain the health of skin cells, acting as a multivitamin and eliminating the need for separate supplements. Perfectil Platinum should be an essential part of every daily routine to help fight the signs of ageing.

Perfectil Platinum costs £40.35 for 60 tablets and is available from Boots, Superdrug and online from

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