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Vitabiotics, the UK’s largest supplier of vitamin supplements for specific life stages, has launched Ultra Vitamin D – the ideal supplement for supporting the immune system and over all good health. The Ultra range of vitamins provide additional boost of scientifically researched nutrients for those looking for extra levels of support in specific health areas

2D-CTUTD096T1WL8E-NR-NSVitamin D3 plays a truly remarkable role in the body and is essential for all round good health. It is not only vital for strong bones, but is now known for its role in helping to maintain heart health and a healthy immune system. Each Ultra Vitamin D supplement provides:

1000 IU vitamin D3 (the bioactive form produced in the skin), which is the equivalent of up to 15 minutes full sunshine exposure on unprotected hands, face and arms, but without any of the ageing and harmful effects of UV radiation on the skin.

Safeguarding vitamin D is now recommended to maintain ideal levels of throughout the year, including the winter months. Ultra Vitamin D is vital for those looking for a supplement to support the immune system, maintain healthy bones and support cardiovascular functioning. It’s also suitable for athletes, sportsmen and sportswomen looking to support the overall health of their immune system.

As with all Vitabiotics products, Ultra Vitamin D contains no artificial colours, preservatives, gluten or lactose. Ultra Vitamin D is available from Boots and RRP £5.10 for 96 tablets (three months’ supply).

Ultra Vitamin D








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  • Supports immune system
  • Ideal in winter months
  • Trusted brand
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