Vitamin D enhances elderly mobility

Health pioneers BetterYou have welcomed research which suggests taking vitamin D supplements makes the elderly feel more active.

The findings carried out by University Hospital Zurich in Switzerland mirror the UK Department of Health guidelines, which deem those over the age of 65 as an ‘at risk group’ for vitamin D deficiency, and recommends regular supplementation.

BetterYou who are at the forefront of research into vitamin D levels and whose popular vitamin D daily oral spray, DLux is recommended by the Department of Health, are keen to educate about the importance of maintaining your vitamin D levels. They aim to inform how much of this vital vitamin you should be taking, as dosage levels are still poorly understood.

DLux range in cartonsBetterYou recommends 1000IU (International Units) of vitamin D is supplemented per 25kg of body weight. An adult living in the Northern Hemisphere requires between 2000-3000IU daily to maintain a healthy level.

Diseases related to Vitamin D deficiency, including Multiple Sclerosis, Type 2 Diabetes, bone diseases such as osteoporosis and a growing number of internal cancers are believed to cost the UK taxpayer £29 billion annually – more than a quarter of the NHS budget.

More commonly, general symptoms associated with vitamin D deficiency include lack of energy and fatigue, headaches, poor immune system, muscle aches and depression.

BetterYou provides a simple, affordable and accurate home testing kit for everyone to take control of their own vitamin D requirements. Testing is carried out by City Assays, part of Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust, who use liquid chromatography mass spectrometry to measure the Vitamin D in the blood. A clear interpretation of the vitamin D level is then sent to the customer.

Customers are offered supplementation advice, along with a complimentary DLux daily vitamin D oral spray to help raise levels to adequate amounts.

Andrew Thomas, founder and managing director at BetterYou, said: “The estimations as to how many of us are deficient are growing daily. In the 900 tests we’ve carried out with the NHS we found 75% of subjects to have insufficient levels, some severely so.”

Multiple clinical trials have found that intraoral vitamin sprays elevate serum vitamin D levels on average 50% faster than traditional tablets and capsules.

A study by scientists in India, also found that people with low levels of vitamin D before the study started saw much bigger increases in their levels than people who already had high vitamin D levels.

The DLux range is priced from £5.95 and is available from Holland & Barratt and independent retailers across the UK and Vitamin D home test kits retail at £25 available from




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