Ware Centre of Dental Excellence

The Ware Centre of Dental Excellence (or WCODE to its friends) is located in the heart of Ware’s town centre, a short stroll from the train station and being just over 30 minutes away from London Liverpool Street is within easy reach of the city. But why visit a dentist in Ware when they are perfectly good dentists in London? Well, these guys have been the official dentists of ITV’s The X Factor in the past and I’m told they have whitened the teeth of the X Factor finalists in 2010, 2011 and 2013. I also read in the media that the Beckhams were treated here when they used to live nearby. With such credentials I thought I’d jump at the chance to visit WCODE for a teeth whitening session.

I was seen by Dr Jeremy Hill, head dentist and practice owner at WCODE who instantly put me at ease and treated me very well. He says on the company’s website that he likes to treat all patients with the same care and attention and if David Beckham got the treatment I did then I’m sure he felt in excellent hands just like me.

Jeremy first began by checking the condition of my teeth before and concluding that I was a good candidate for teeth whitening. He discussed teeth whitening procedures and the treatments they do at WCODE. I learnt that laser whitening doesn’t actually use lasers but blue light to activate the whitening product which is usually a form of hydrogen peroxide. Jeremy decided to go for a straightforward home kit whitening program for me. Moulds were taken of my upper and lower teeth – an interesting sensation– after which I was sent away for an hour while my trays were made up (normally this takes a couple of days but I was fast-tracked which was very kind of them).

Once the trays were ready I was back in the dentist’s chair and Jeremy’s lovely assistant Caroline Whichelow demonstrated how to inject the whitening gel into the tray before I then took over and completed the application under Caroline’s watchful eye. I then placed the trays over my teeth ensuring they made full contact and checking that no gel had seeped out over my gums. The initial treatment was for 45 minutes – magazines and Michael Bublé were provided. Caroline advised me that the complete cycle would last 2 weeks using the kit for an hour each day at home. Once maximum results had been achieved I would be able to top it up once a month or before a special event.

I was very impressed with the results after just 2 weeks. My teeth were at least 3 shades lighter and were a natural looking off white. Unlike other cases I had heard, my teeth did not increase in sensitivity. The WCODE home kit is safe and effective in addition to being a perfect fit thanks to the bespoke moulding of the trays. There was plenty of whitening gel left in the syringes for top ups and the kit is conveniently stored away in a special case to keep it hygienically clean.

I would definitely recommend a visit to WCODE to anyone looking for good dentistry and professional teeth whitening results.


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